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Flymen Fishing Company has provided fly tiers with some of the most innovative fly tying materials in the game. From the Articulated Big Game Shanks designed by our buddy Blaine Chocklett to the original Fish Skulls. Flymen Fishing Company makes your flies more effective and easier to tie.

Synthetic Fibers and Fly Tying Materials for Saltwater and Freshwater Flies

The Fly Fishers is a certified dealer of Flymen Fishing Company fly tying materials and synthetic fibers for designing and tieing your own flies. With Flymen Fishing Company’s selection of different types and colors of synthetic filler flash, hooks, heads, and fly tying tails, fly fishermen of all levels can custom create unique flies that are best suited to their individual fishing.

Flymen Fishing Company MaterialUsed for Tying Flies for These Fish
Flymen Fishing CrawBody TroutSmallmouth Bass
Flymen Micro Shanks Trout, Steelhead, Salmon
Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes Bass
Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet Smallmouth Bass, Brown Trout

Fly Fishing Tackle Material and Ties for Beginner and Expert Fly Fishermen

Whether you have been designing and tying your own fly fishing flies for years or are a newcomer to the sport, The Fly Fishers offers the web’s best deals on fly tying materials from Flymen Fishing Company. Since 2008, Flymen Fishing proudly supply fly fishermen with the only the best fly tying materials they can depend on for strength and versatility on even the toughest days.

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