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From essential flies and fly tying materials to supplies & equipment for specialty fly fishing, The Fly Fishers fly shop has exactly the fly fishing gear you're looking for:

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The Fly Fishers Fly Shop is THE one-stop fly fishing shop, offering only the highest quality fly fishing supplies, accessories and tools. The Fly Fishers are experts in every aspect of basic and advanced fly fishing gear, accessories, flies, fly fishing trips, and professional guidance. The Fly Fishers provides a wide range of top-quality fly fishing supplies from fly fishing rods and reels to fly fishing waders and boots along with fly fishing apparel and accessories.

Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners

Get Started with Great Gear and a Great Price

No need to break the bank when you’re just getting started. The Fly Fishers offers entry-level affordable men's and women's fly fishing gear for beginners to help you get a feel for this great sport without handicapping your growth and enjoyment…yet. Read More

We Offer the Best Rods and Reels for Beginners

Step 1 is choosing a fly rod, fly reel and fly line. We carry some great options or we also carry some great complete outfits from the industry’s most popular brands to help you get the ball rolling.

Step 2 Contact us at the shop if you need any more help getting started with basic gear and essentials for fly fishing. We'll help you get a list of gear together and set you up with a rod & reel outfit perfect for your personal fishing needs.

Who’s Pat? 

Pat Ehlers, Owner, The Fly Fishers

Pat grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and started fly fishing as a kid in the early 70’s. Pat Ehlers opened his fly shop, The Fly Fishers, in 1988. Currently, Pat Ehlers is a member of the Scientific Anglers Ambassador Team, a fly designer and consultant for Rainy’s Flies, and a member of the Renzetti Legacy Fly Tying Team. He is also a pro staff member for Mercury Marine, Vexus Boats, Minn-Kota and Humminbird, Engel Coolers, and Anglers Edge Marine, his sponsoring boat dealer.

Learn more about Pat Ehlers and his professional career.

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SA Magnitude Fly Lines


Scientific Anglers Magnitude lines are ushering in a new era in saltwater fly line technology, headaches with clear lines are a thing of the past. The SA Magnitude family is loaded with revolutionary new technologies making it most durable and slickest clear floating fly line on the market. Period.

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St. Croix Fly Rods

Evos | Evos Salt | Technica

St. Croix offers you a smooth, specialized and responsive selection of fly rods that allow you to dominate your fishing environment.

With an option for a standard fly fishing spot, a technical river or a saltwater environment, the St. Croix Fly Rod line has something to offer for all styles of fly fishing. Created from carbon fiber and composite technology, St. Croix fly rods are crafted to perfection and ready to use in extreme weather conditions.

Freshwater Fly Fishing Gear, Supplies and Tackle

At The Fly Fishers we can help you with your freshwater fly fishing needs. The best smallmouth bass fly fishing is right here at our doorstep along with the finest musky fly fishing opportunities in the world, so warm water fly fishing is right up our alley. For cold water species, we have over 9,000 miles of trout streams within hours of us along with lots of anadromous rivers and streams. In short, we can do it all.

We stock the finest trout fly fishing gear the manufacturers offer - flies, rods & reels, waders, packs and bags - everything. Whether you’re trout fly fishing Wisconsin’s Driftless Area trout streams, Montana’s Yellowstone River or fly fishing for bass, pike, muskies or carp we have the freshwater fly fishing gear you need.

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Shop the BEST Selection of Fly Tying Materials on the Web

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The Fly Fishers also stock an extensive inventory of essential fly tying materials for sale online. This inventory includes a wide variety of fly tying materials for all species. Whether it's freshwater bass, muskie, trout, pike, peacock bass or saltwater fish like bonefish and tarpon, permit and snook.

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Online Saltwater Fly Fishing Tackle for Sale

Whether tarpon fly fishing or fly fishing for bonefish and permit or any saltwater species for that matter, The Fly Fishers can help you with all of your saltwater fly fishing equipment needs. With over thirty years of saltwater fly fishing experience, we are here to offer you our expert advice. We supply quality saltwater gear to help you enjoy your saltwater adventures to their fullest. Read More

The Fly Fishers Trade-In Program

The Fly Fishers fly shop has an ever-changing inventory of used fishing equipment for re-sale and has a great trade-in program to help you keep moving up with new fly fishing rods and reels as your needs and skills change. Be sure to shop our used fly fishing inventory regularly, and when you are looking to replace existing equipment contact us for details on our fly fishing equipment trade-in program.

How to Fly Fish in Saltwater - Learn from the Best

If it is your first time fly fishing the salt, we will be happy to help you get started on your first salt water fly fishing experience. We've got basic and essential gear for getting starting with saltwater fly fishing. If you are an experienced salt water fly fisher looking for that new adventure or a new saltwater species to chase, The Fly Fishers is here to help.

Saltwater fly fishing has always been a big part of our fly fishing business. You can join us on one of our hosted saltwater fly fishing trips, or we can help you put together your own saltwater fly fishing adventure.  If you need advice on a destination or your saltwater fly fishing gear, let us know!

Are you traveling? Get geared up with bags, luggage and the right clothing.

You might have the flies, tackle and fly rod for any fresh or salt water trip but you still need to be prepared for every possible environment to be able to adapt - and stay comfortable. We offer fly fishing apparel & clothing to keep you protected from the elements hot or cold and fly fishing bags & luggage to protect your gear and make traveling easier.

Success as a fly fisher means being prepared for every possibility and swiftly adapting. We've got the gear to help you get there. Check it out - shop all fly fishing gear available from our online fly shop.

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