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Bajío is an American sunglasses company founded by Al Perkinson and Marguerite Meyer based in New Smyrna Beach Florida. Al's free-thinking vision has long been at the heart of the movement infusing the angling world with the rebellious vitality of a DIY ethos. 

Bajío was created to realize this vision fully, in the uncompromising pursuit of quality, integrity, and originality.

As a brand, Bajío seeks to take a stand against the massive international profiteers destroying the outdoor industry. Our sunglasses are assembled in the USA. Our raw materials are as sustainable as we can get today. We donate portions of our profits to causes we believe in. We speak out on issues we find important and give a voice to those who we care about.

We believe in doing things our own way, with conviction, and beholden to no one. We exercise complete independence in what we create, who we work with, and what organizations we support. That's the definition of punk rock to us, and we are interested in the endless ways people from all walks of life manifest this attitude. As we look to the future, we invite you to join us. See beyond.


In comparison to the top 5 fishing sunglass manufacturers, Bajio blocks significantly more bad blue light than anyone else, and the same or better as the other high-performance lenses when it comes to harsh yellow—all while allowing in good light and brilliant color.

In the rainbow of the light spectrum, harsh yellow light interferes with color definition, ultraviolet (UV) light contributes to cataract development and skin cancer, and bad blue light scatters when it enters the eye resulting in haze and visual blur. Bajío lenses are purpose-built to combat these negative effects from the sun’s rays.

Our eyes have specialized color receptors called cones that only process red, blue, and green light (RGB). The science behind making the clearest lenses on the planet is to manage the light that stimulates the cones for optimum visual clarity. Using proprietary LAPIS technology developed by our optical experts, Bajío lenses block 95% of bad blue light (up to 445 nm), the majority of harsh yellow light (at its peak of 580 nm), and 100% of UV light. The result: No more hazy days, no more color interference, and better protection of the eyes.


Bajío’s polarized sunglass lenses are made with either glass or polycarbonate. Which is the superior lens material? The short answer is both—each has its benefits that anglers can weigh based off of a few factors. Glass is harder and offers mirrors within the lens that cannot be scratched, which is great for wild, action-packed battles. However, glass is heavier. Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant, scratch resistant, and lightweight, which makes a big difference for long days on the water. You can’t go wrong with either, but most anglers have a personal preference depending on what’s more important to them, lightweight or scratch-resistance.

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