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Scott Fly Rods

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Scott Centric Fly Rod Angle Group
Scott Centric Fly Rods CENTRIC $945.00 Free Shipping for Scott Centric Fly Rod NEW
Scott F Series Fly Rod Sliding Band Reel Seat
Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rod FSERIES $695.00 Free Shipping for Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rod
Scott G Series Fly Rod for Sale
Scott G Series Fly Rod SGS $895.00 Free Shipping for Scott GS Fly Rods
Scott Sector Fly Rod 8
Scott Sector Fly Rod 8'4" SSFR84 $985.00 Free Shipping for Scott ??????? 8'4" New For 2019
Scott Sector Fly Rod 9
Scott Sector Fly Rod 9' SSFR9 $1,045.00 Free Shipping for Scott ??????? 9' New For 2019

Scott Freshwater & Saltwater Fly Rods For Sale Online

Scott Fly Rods Lifetime Warranty

Scott offers a lifetime warranty for fiberglass and graphite rods under the following conditions:

  1. Warranty applies to the original owner only
  2. Must be purchased from an authorized Scott dealer
  3. Must be registered within 30 days of purchase

Rods bought from third parties such as Ebay are NOT covered by the warranty. Please see Scott's official website for additional details.

Scott Fly Rods are made from the finest materials to ensure you have a detailed, durable and long lasting rod.

Scott Fly Rods Logo

Every rod is handmade by experienced fishing professionals who love to fish just as much as you do. They understand you won't settle for anything less than the best rod you can get your hands on. Scott Fly Rods have user-friendly features such as alignment dots, self-indexing reels seats and measuring wraps.

The Reviews are in - Scott Fly Rods Exhibit Master Craftsmanship

Nothing affects your experience on the water more than substandard tools. Any hitch in casting, reaction or response provokes a grimace and a big unnatural red flag to hungry fish. You shouldn't need to pay your rod or outfit any mind when you're on the hunt.

Wield a Scott fly rod and you'll animate flies exactly as you wish without a hiccup. Cast your fly on a dime. You have ultimate control.

Handcrafted Graphite and Fiberglass Fly Rods Offer Unmatched Versatility

Fly fishers across the United States sling Scott fly rods to hook bass, trout, steelhead and big game like pike and muskies. There's a Scott rod for freshwater, saltwater, lakes, streams and rivers. 

The fly rod craftsmen at Scott are true artisans of great tools. Our full inventory of Scott Fly Rods includes the following models:

Scott Fly Rod Models
Tidal Saltwater 6wt-12wt Fast $495
G Series Freshwater 2wt-6wt Medium $845
Flex Freshwater 3wt-8wt Fast $475

If you've been looking for the highest quality fly rods in terms of functionality and design, you've found it. Scott Fly Rods make for the best fly fishing experience. Browse our full supply today.

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