New Fly Fishing Tying Materials for Sale (2024)

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This is the spot on our site to get a first-hand look at new fly tying materials. As we get these new fly tying materials they will be listed here as well as in their appropriate categories on the fly tying materials page of our site. Look here for the best from companies like Hareline Dubbin, Natures Spirit, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Just Add H2O/Fishient, Flymen Fishing, Wapsi Fly and other great fly tying companies.

Browse all fly tying gear & equipment available for sale from The Fly Fishers fly shop.

Customer Reviews for New Fly Tying Materials

Eric H

I needed high-quality material and they hand-picked the order for me so I could get the quality I wanted for my fly pattern. They also helped me get the material I wanted even though I ordered the wrong stuff initially. Thanks guys for being really helpful. I cannot wait to show you the flies I have been tying up for the challenge I am doing!!

Jack R

What a great place. Went in to get some materials for tying flies. Just getting back into it. Joe was fantastic and super helpful. Never felt pressured, only wanted to help. They just earned a customer for life. Thanks for everything!

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