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New Fly Tying Materials for Sale Online

Ahrex Nordic Salt Classic Streamer Fly Tying Hook NS118 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Curved Shrimp Fly Tying Hook NS150 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Light Stinger Fly Tying Hook NS122 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Streamer Deep Fly Tying Hook NS115 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Streamer Fly Tying Hook NS110 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Traditional Shrimp Fly Tying Hook NS156 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Trailer Fly Tying Hook NS182 $6.99
Ahrex Predator Light Fly Tying Hook PR350 $6.99
Ahrex Predator Stinger Fly Tying Hook PR320 $6.99
Ahrex Texas Predator Fly Tying Hook PR380 $6.99
CCT Dyed Grizzly Saddle
CCT Grizzly Super Saddle CCTGRIZZ $35.95
Chocklett's Finesse Body Chenille HCFBC $3.95
Chrome Sili Legs CSL1 $2.95
Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex UV Resin DCDFF $21.95
Deer Creek Fish Headz Anchovy DCFHA $5.99
Deer Creek Fish Headz Minnow DCFHM $5.99
Deer Creek Fish Headz Sand Eel DCHSE $5.99
Deer Creek Fish Headz Silver Sides DCFHS $5.99
Deer Creek Gator Eyes DCGE $4.25
Deer Creek Lazer Diode Torch DCLDT $24.95
Deer Creek Lazer Pro Torch DCLPT $41.95
Dr. Slick Bobbin Glass
Dr. Slick Fly Tying Bobbin Glass DSBG $7.25
Dragon Tails Fly Tying Materials
Dragon Tails CCDT $5.95
EP Trigger Point
EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers EPTP $7.50
Euro Goat Hair
Euro Goat Hair EGH $5.95
Fleye Design by Bob Popovics FDBP $49.95
Fleye Foils from Bob Popovics FFBP $6.99
Fly Skinz Fish Finz FSFF $5.95
Flymen Chocklett
Flymen Chocklett's Body Tubing CHOCKBT $5.95
Flymen Faux Bucktail FBUC $7.95
Flymen Howitzer Popper Bodies FHPB $5.95
Flymen Micro Shanks FMMS $6.95
Foam Beetle Body FBB $2.65
Foam Gurgler Body FGB $2.65
Hareline 3D Beads 3DBD $3.95
Hareline Alaska Brass Cone HABC $4.50
Hareline Double Pupil Brass Eyes HDPBE $3.95
Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes HDPE $3.95
Hareline Electric Ripple Ice Fiber HERIF $3.95
Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit HFTMK $99.95

This is the spot on our site to get a first hand look at new fly tying materials. As we get these new fly tying materials they will be listed here as well as in their appropriate categories in the fly tying materials page of our site. Look here for the best from companies like Hareline Dubbin, Natures Spirit, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Just Add H2O/Fishient, Flymen Fishing, Spirit River, Wapsi Fly and other great fly tying companies.

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