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Tarpon Flies

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Tarpon Toad TOAD $5.99
Black Death DETH $5.99
EP Tarpon Streamer EPTRPSTRM $7.99
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Big Eye Baitfish Roger Musky Pike Fly
Big Eye Baitfish Roger's BEBAIT $9.99
Big Eye Tarpon Fly LeMay
Big Eye Tarpon Fly LeMay's BIGTAR $7.99
Black Death
Black Death DETH $5.99
Ehlers Bottle Rocket Fly Copper
Bottle Rocket BRPE $5.99
Flymen Finesse Changer Brown Trout Fly
Chocklett's Finesse Changer CFCF $8.99
Polar Changer Fly
Chocklett's Polar Changer CPCF $16.99
Cockroach Tarpon Fly
Cockroach Tarpon Fly ROACH $5.99
Grand Slam Bonefish Fly
Ehlers' Grand Slam Shrimp GSSHMP $4.99
EP Finger Mullet
EP Finger Mullet EPFM $7.99
EP Floating Minnow Fly
EP Floating Minnow EPFLOAT $7.99
EP Mangrove Everglades SP Fly
EP Mangrove Everglades SP EPMANEVG $7.99
EP Tarpon Bunny Fly Chartreuse
EP Tarpon Bunny EPTRPBN $7.99
EP Tarpon Streamer Fly
EP Tarpon Streamer EPTRPSTRM $7.99
Seeker Pat Ehlers Bass Pike Fly
Pat Ehlers' Seeker SEEK $4.99
Petersons Tarpon Nugget
Peterson's Tarpon Nugget PTN $5.99
Pike/Tarpon Snake PTS $9.99
Rainys Tarpon Fly Chartreuse
Rainy's Tarpon Fly RTFF $5.99
RIO Fly Assortment Tarpon
RIO Fly Assortment Tarpon RFAT $51.99 Free Shipping for RIO Fly Assortment Tarpon NEW
Sea Habit Bucktail FSHB $6.99
Tarpon Toad
Tarpon Toad TOAD $5.99

How to Catch Tarpon

Tarpon are challenging, exciting and one of our favorite gamefish.  From baby tarpon to those over one hundred pounds they are all a blast to catch.

Flies for Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are opportunistic feeders and will eat everything from baitfish to crabs. Let us use our experience of tarpon fishing in choosing the right patterns depending on where you are fishing. We have a great assortment of tarpon flies in stock and will be happy to help you stock your fly box.

Rods and Reels for Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are an extremely tough and demanding species to fish for. High-performance fly rods are in order for a number of reasons. Quick, accurate casts that are often longer than the freshwater angler is used to are typical and are often made while dealing with some kind of wind. Your fly rod also needs enough backbone for fighting these awesome fish. Fishing baby tarpon can be accomplished with 8 and 9 weight rods. Tarpon in the 40 pounds and up size can be handled with a 10 weight. Fish 80 pounds and up require 11 or 12 weight gear.

Fly reels for tarpon should have strong drags, be constructed of anodized, bar stock aluminum and be sized to hold enough backing for the size of tarpon you are chasing. Quality reels are important in this game as the tarpon will ruin cheap equipment.

Tarpon Fishing Techniques

First-time tarpon anglers often have a hard time hooking up with tarpon. Penetrating their cinder block-like mouths requires strip striking them to drive the hook home. Tarpon guides will “gently” remind you not to lift the rod when setting the hook. Once hooked up the fun really begins. The silver king is one of the jumpingest species fly rodders fish for. Every time the tarpon jumps you need to bow down the rod to throw slack in the line to keep from breaking them off. It seems to be counterproductive to the inexperienced but “bowing to the king” is very important. Getting a good guide is also very important for chasing tarpon no matter where you fish. You might want to start out with babies. They jump and fight like the big ones but with less work and more eats. 

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