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Tarpon Flies

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Tarpon Toad TOAD $5.99
Black Death DETH $5.99
EP Tarpon Streamer EPTRPSTRM $7.99
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Big Eye Baitfish Roger Musky Pike Fly
Big Eye Baitfish Roger's BEBAIT $9.99
Big Eye Tarpon Fly LeMay
Big Eye Tarpon Fly LeMay's BIGTAR $6.99
Black Death
Black Death DETH $5.99
Ehlers Bottle Rocket Fly Copper
Bottle Rocket BRPE $5.99
Finesse Changer Fly
Chocklett's Finesse Changer CFCF $8.99
Polar Changer Fly
Chocklett's Polar Changer CPCF $16.99
Cockroach Tarpon Fly
Cockroach Tarpon Fly ROACH $5.99
Grand Slam Bonefish Fly
Ehlers' Grand Slam Shrimp GSSHMP $4.99
EP Finger Mullet
EP Finger Mullet EPFM $7.99
EP Floating Minnow Fly
EP Floating Minnow EPFLOAT $7.99
EP Mangrove Everglades SP Fly
EP Mangrove Everglades SP EPMANEVG $7.99
EP Tarpon Bunny Fly Chartreuse
EP Tarpon Bunny EPTRPBN $7.99
EP Tarpon Streamer Fly
EP Tarpon Streamer EPTRPSTRM $7.99
Seeker Pat Ehlers Bass Pike Fly
Pat Ehlers' Seeker SEEK $4.99
Petersons Tarpon Nugget
Peterson's Tarpon Nugget PTN $5.99
Pike/Tarpon Snake PTS $9.99
Rainy tarpon fly
Rainy's Tarpon Fly RTFF $5.99
RIO Fly Assortment Tarpon
RIO Fly Assortment Tarpon RFAT $51.99 Free Shipping for RIO Fly Assortment Tarpon NEW
Sea Habit Bucktail FSHB $6.99
Tarpon Toad
Tarpon Toad TOAD $5.99

If you love fly fishing for tarpon like we do check out these tarpon flies to help you hook up with the Silver King.

We've got saltwater flies to help you catch tarpon and all sorts of other saltwater fish species.
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