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Strike Indicators

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Air Lock Strike Indicators
Air-Lock Strike Indicators *NEW* ALOCK $7.99
Loon Bio-Glow Strike Indicator F0149 $7.95
Loon Night Strike Kit
Loon Night Strike Kit LNNIGHT $24.95
Loon Tip Topper Foam Strike Indicator LTTF $4.95
Thingamabobber Strike Indicator - Single Color
Thingamabobber Strike Indicator THING $3.95
Umpqua Indicator Coil UINCOIL $12.99
Umpqua Indicator Tippet
Umpqua Indicator Tippet UINDTIP $14.99

Strike Indicators allow you to detect strikes when fly fishing with nymphs. We have a wide variety of strike indicators.