RIO Powerflex Plus Tippet

Part Number: RPPT

7X - #2.75
6X - #4
5X - #6
4X - #7.5
3X - #9.5
2X - #12
1X - #15
0X - #18

RIO Powerflex Plus Tippet

One of the things most noticeable about the new RIO Powerflex Plus Fly Fishing Tippet is its incredible strength for the diameter size. This tippet has an increase of 20% more strength than standard tippet material. It's highly technical formula allows for great suppleness and knot strength with the increased strength.

Each tippet spool contains 50yds. as an added bonus making this one of the best values.

  • Incredible strength to diameter ratio
  • Soft material for high knot strength

Ideal for:

  • Dry flies
  • Soft hackles
  • Nymph/Indicator rigs
  • Streamers

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