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Fly Tying Body & Wing Foam Cutters

Bonefish/Permit Crab Foam Cutter
Cutter Bonefish/Permit Crab Foam Cutter CBPC $13.50
Cutter Chernobyl Round End Foam Cutter FCCR $12.95
Cutter Chernobyl Tapered End Foam Cutter FCCT $12.95
Cutter Crease Fly Freshwater Foam Cutter FCCF $18.95
Cutter Crease Fly Saltwater Foam Cutter FCCS $18.95
Cutter Damsel/Dragonfly Body Cutter FCDDB $12.95
Cutter Foam Replacement Pad FCRP $4.95
Cutter Hopper Wing Cutter FCHWC $8.95
Cutter Hopper/Caddis/Ant Body Cutter FCHCA $8.95
Morrish Hopper Foam Body Cutter
Cutter Morrish Hopper Foam Body Cutter CMHFB $19.95
Morrish Mouse Foam Body Cutter
Cutter Morrish Mouse Foam Body Cutter CMMFB $18.95
Spider Foam Body Cutter
Cutter Spider Foam Body Cutter CSFBC $9.95

Perfectly cut foam for fly patterns using pre-made body & wing foam cutters

Specialty foam cutters are ideal for tying fly patterns quickly without wrestling with DIY solutions that waste time and materials.

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