Best Panfish Flies for Sale

10 Best Fly Fishing Flies for Panfish

We have a few favorite flies for panfish that we always pack before we head to a pond or lake. These are our top flies for panfishing.

  1. Boogle Amnesia Bugs

    Boogle Amnesia Bugs

    The most fun way to fish panfish is with panfish poppers. Boogle Amnesia Bugs create the right kind of noise to attract panfish and are made to last with high-quality bodies, materials and hooks.
  2. Bluegill Bee 

    Bluegill Bee

    This has been and remains one of our top-selling and top-producing panfish flies. The bead head gets the fly down and helps to create a jigging action that panfish can’t refuse.
  3. Give ‘Em Hellgrammite 

    Give 'em Hellgrammite

    Hellgrammites are the T-bone steaks of panfish’s diet. Found where panfish are found large panfish, especially perch love eating them.
  4. Carter’s Dragon 

    Carter's Dragon

    Want to catch big panfish? If you do then try a dragon nymph. With tons of protein, dragons are a match the hatch pattern for panfish that big ones love to eat.
  5. J’s Boobie Ant 

    J's Boobie Ant

    Whether there’s an ant hatch on the water’s surface or not panfish love eating ants. The Boobie Ant floats extremely well and will bring up panfish to the surface.
  6. Ehlers’ Little Reaper

    Ehler's Little Reaper

    The Little Reaper is the little brother of the Ehlers’ Grim Reaper. This is a great pattern for panfish of all types from large bluegills and crappies to jumbo perch.
  7. Rainy’s Bumble Bee 

    Rainy's Bumble Bee

    Panfish are very opportunistic feeders and when something good hits the water they are likely to eat it. Rainy’s Bumble Bee triggers that feeding pattern and its foam body keeps it floating.
  8. Rubberlegs Fly 

    Rubberlegs Fly

    Rubberlegs create action and vibration that attracts panfish and is a fly that they can’t refuse. This fly just plain looks alive underwater.
  9. Whitlock’s Nuevo Spidare 

    Nuevo Spidare

    This is a great top-water panfish fly that attracts large panfish. Don’t be surprised if a bass or two eats it too.
  10. Beadhead Rubberleg Squirrel Nymph 

    Beadhead Rubberleg Squirrel Nymph

    A great wet fly is what you need when panfish aren’t eating on top and the Beadhead Rubberleg Squirrel Nymph is that fly because of its Rubberlegs and squirrel nymph bodies it has lots of underwater action. The beadhead helps get this fly down.
Not sure which flies would be best for your home waters? Contact The Fly Fishers and we can help you decide what will give you the most success on your favorite panfish water.

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