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Sinking fly fishing line is used to get down and fish the water column below the water's surface. At The Fly Fishers we offer Scientific Anglers’ two different series of sinking freshwater fly line, including Scientific Anglers Sonar and Scientific Anglers frequency fly lines.

Scientific Anglers has been in the fly line design and production business since 1945. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Scientific Anglers is considered to be the original modern weighted professional fly fishing line for freshwater and stillwater fly fishing.

They are attributed with the invention of the tapered fly line, and Scientific Anglers is one of the best known fly line makers in the world. Sinking fly line come in a variety of sink rates to help you pin point the depth the fish are at.

Sinking Fly Line for All Fly Anglers

Scientific Anglers is a premium line of saltwater and freshwater fishing line that is trusted by professional and amateur fishermen alike! Their affordable price tag makes it a great line for a beginner, yet its durable design and high level of dependability means that you will never have to worry about sacrificing quality.

In addition to fly line, The Fly Fishers also inventories a large selection of other fishing gear, including:

Anglers everywhere depend on The Fly Fishers for all of their fishing gear and other fly fishing needs. We offer fly rods and reels by some of the biggest names in the industry, and our flies and other tackle accessories allow you to completely find success and enjoy your fly fishing experience.

Be sure to check out our full line of fly lines and fly line accessories today!

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