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Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Materials for Sale Online

Ahrex Nordic Salt Classic Streamer Fly Tying Hook NS118 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Curved Shrimp Fly Tying Hook NS150 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Light Stinger Fly Tying Hook NS122 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Streamer Deep Fly Tying Hook NS115 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Streamer Fly Tying Hook NS110 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Traditional Shrimp Fly Tying Hook NS156 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Trailer Fly Tying Hook NS182 $6.99
Ahrex Predator Light Fly Tying Hook PR350 $6.99
Ahrex Predator Stinger Fly Tying Hook PR320 $6.99
Ahrex Texas Predator Fly Tying Hook PR380 $6.99
Arctic Fox Tail
Arctic Fox Tail AFOXTL $5.95
Chartpak Permanent Markers
Chartpak Permanent Markers HCM $6.50
Chicone Crusher Legs CCL $3.29
Chocklett's Body Wrap HCBW $6.95
Chocklett's Filler Flash CFF $4.95
Chocklett's Gamechanger Chenille CGC $4.50
Cohen's Carp Dub HCCD $2.70
Cohen's Fly Suede HCFS $5.95
DNA Holo Chromosome Flash
DNA Holo Chromosome Flash HDNAC $4.95
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 1.5" Wide
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 1.5" Wide HEPS1 $9.95

Better Flies for Better Results - Choose Hareline Dubbin

Many of Hareline Dubbin's products are of their own design. Check out some of the great products like UV Polar Chenille, Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe, and Ice Dubbing.

Hareline Dubbin' is also the sole importer of our favorite fly tying thread Veevus Fly Tying Thread. We love Hareline's products and we are sure your fly tying will be better using them.

Premier Fly Tying Supplies and Gear

The Fly Fishers is a licensed retailer of Hareline Dubbin fly tying materials for serious fly fishermen who choose to create their own, custom made flies. Hareline Dubbin supplies certified fly fishing vendors worldwide with their expertly crafted foam, fly tying beads, tinsel, bug collars, and other top-tier fly tying components.

Experimenting with crafting flies makes for a great way to pass the time when the sun sets and you’re stuck on land. Fishermen everywhere discuss, collaborate, and work together to make fly tying another hobby all on its own.

In addition, once you get the hang of things, fly tying can dramatically alter your overall fishing experience. With the help of The Fly Fishers and fly tying materials by Hareline Dubbin, you can meticulously craft and produce intricate flies designed specifically to attract bass, pike, trout, steelheads or any type of fish you’re after.

Different Types of Handmade Fly Tying Patterns

By learning to tie your own fly fishing flies, you have opened up a new world full of endless possibilities. With the help of Hareline Dubbin fly tying materials and the right set of fly tying tools you are able to custom create custom flies from scratch.

Experiment and adjust the weights, colors, hooks, sizes or beads. It is wise advice to remember that a real angler can never have too many flies, and with Hareline Dubbin in your court, you’re not likely to run out of fly tying materials any time soon!

Some popular patterns of flies include the use of feathers, beads, tinsel, and various shapes and sizes of hooks to create your desired fly of choice. The most common types of flies include steelhead flies, Pike and Muskie flies, nymphs, panfish flies, and so many more.

Beyond Fly Tying - We've Got All Sorts of Gear

In addition to our Hareline Dubbin and other custom fly tying materials, The Fly Fishers partners with some of the biggest names in the fly fishing industry to give you the best prices on all of your fly fishing necessities. Some of our popular products include:

We are your best online source for fly fishing equipment and tackle. The Fly Fishers is always searching for the latest and greatest fly fishing products, and we work with fly fishermen of all skill levels. Our number one goal is to promote the sport of fly fishing, and inventory high quality, affordable fly fishing products for professionals and amateurs alike.

Don’t know exactly what it is that you’re looking for? No worries. Or staff of dedicated professionals will assist you with any questions that you might have. We know our products inside and out, and our specialists take great pride in assisting fly fishers everywhere in choosing that perfect rod, reel, or tackle for whatever their fishing needs may be!

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