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Hareline Rabbit Strips Crosscut

Part Number: HRSC


Cut across the grain, Crosscut Rabbit strips can be wound like a hackle to form great rabbit strip leech flies and lots of other patterns. Rabbit hair has movement like marabou and is easy to tie flies with.

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Customer Reviews for Hareline Rabbit Strips Crosscut

Unusable product
I've opened several packs of black and about a quarter of them are missing 1/4" to 1/2" chunks of fur for the entire piece. That's more empty space then fur! I've seen bits missing before but this isn't even usable. The fur is also quite short compared to previous batches which makes for a less appealing jig in my case. Hareline needs to get their quality control in line. I'll be buying in person from now on until I see an improvement across the board. I'll update when I open up the rest of the order
- Jacoba489
Fly Fishers Response: Hello - sorry to hear you've had an unusual issue with this particular material. Not a typical experience from Hareline products and likely just an anomaly. We're happy to make it right with either a quality replacement or refund. Please reach out and let us know what is best. Thank you. Jared (414-259-8100).

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