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The Fly Fishers Fly Shop offers a wide variety of dry flies for sale for surface fly fishing trout throughout the United States and on other continents. Artificial flies mimic insects at their many stages of growth, and you need to know what trout are feeding on to know what dry flies to use. When trout aren't eating on the surface, fly fishing below the surface with a wide variety of nymphs and wet flies is the way to go.

Understand a Trout’s Diet On the Surface

Trout fly fishing on the surface of the water is all about recreating and imitating the trout’s natural diet. Trout feast on a number of aquatic insects, including mayflies, caddis flies, stoneflies and midge flies as well as a number of terrestrial insects like hoppers, ants and beetles. Pay attention and watch for trout feeding on the surface and try to catch what they are feeding on to match with your fly.

Best Dry Flies for Fly Fishing Trout

The Fly Fishers Fly Shop offers many excellent dry flies. The Parachute Adams and Elk Hair Caddis are two excellent dry flies that imitate a number of different hatches in many areas.

Dry Fly Fishing for Trout

Because you want the fly to imitate a real insect on the surface of the water, you’ll need to keep some slack in the line to let the fly float naturally. A drag free drift is very important to imitate the natural drift of the insect so as not to spook the trout.

Use Floatants and Desiccants to Dress Flies

Use a silicon based floatant, such as the Umpqua Dry Magic Floatant, to help keep your fly floating like a natural insect. Use a desiccant, like the Shimazaki Dry Fly Shake, to pull the moisture back out of your fly after catching a fish to remove the fish slime and moisture so it floats again.

Ask the Experts for Tips on Using Dry Flies

Fly fishing professionals at The Fly Fishers help you determine which dry flies are best for fishing for brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroats and whatever else you're hunting on the water. We can help you figure out which dry flies are best for your next fly fishing trip. Browse our full selection for a wide variety of Parachute, Foam and Hex dry flies that imitate everything from mayflies to hoppers for sale online.

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