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Dry Flies

Adams ADAM $1.89
Baby Boy Cricket
Baby Boy Cricket BABYC $2.99
Bionic Ant
Bionic Ant BIANT $2.29
Blue Wing Olive
Blue Wing Olive BWO $1.89
Brown Drake Lawson
Brown Drake Lawson's LBD $2.59
Brown Drake Neally
Brown Drake Neally's NBD $2.59
Brown Para-Drake Lawson
Brown Paradrake Lawson's BPD $2.59
Bullethead Hopper
Bullethead Hopper BULHOP $2.99
Chernobyl Ant
Chernobyl Ant CANT $1.99
Chubby Chernobyl
Chubby Chernobyl CHUCHR $1.99
Chubby ET
Chubby ET $2.99 $1.89
Chubby Trico Spinner
Chubby Trico Spinner CHUB $1.89
Comparadun BWO CBWO $1.89
Craven's Charlie Boy Hopper CBOY $2.29
Dave's Hopper DVHP $2.59
Elk Hair Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis ECAD $1.89
Foam Beetle
Foam Beetle FMBTL $1.99
Foam Caddis
Foam Black Caddis FMCAD $2.29
Foam Sally
Foam Sally FMSLY $1.89
Goofball GOOF $2.99 $1.89
We all love to see trout eat our flies on the surface It's one of the most exciting and interesting facets of fly fishing for trout. We have some of our favorite trout dry flies listed on our site to help you catch more trout on top.