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Steelhead & Salmon Flies

BB Screamer Purple Fly Fishing Fly Trout Steelhead
BB Screamer SCREAM $2.99
Bennetts Lunch Money Fly Fishing Fly Bass
Bennett's Lunch $ Money BLM $4.99
Duddles Steelhead Stone Nymph Fly
Duddles Steelhead Stone DUDD $3.99
Egg Sucking Crystal Leech
Egg Sucking Crystal Leech ELEE $2.59
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph for Trout & Steelhead
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph EGGST $3.99
Flash Bunny
Flash Bunny FBUN $3.99
Glo Bug
Glo Bug GLO $1.69
Gorman's Beadhead Egg GEGG $1.99
Hare Leech
Hare Leech HARE $3.59 $1.79
Hot Bead Prince Steelhead Trout Nymph Fly
Hot Bead Prince HBPRIN $2.59
Jelly Stone
Jelly Stone JELLY $2.99
Jumbo John Barrs Wet Trout Fly
Jumbo John Barr's JJOHN $2.99
Kilowatt KWATT $3.59
Marks Goblin Blue
Mark's Goblin $6.99
Rubber Leg Hot Head Trout Fly
Rubber Leg Hot Head HHEAD $3.99
Unreal Egg
Unreal Egg UNEGG $1.99 $0.99
VO Caddis Green
VO Caddis VOCAD $2.99

Attract Steelhead Trout with our Collection of Steelhead Fly Fishing Flies

Contact steelhead fly fishing experts

Whether you are fly fishing steelhead in the Great Lakes tributaries or on the West Coast we can help you select our favorite steelhead flies that will help you catch more fish. Use an egg or leech fly pattern to lure in steelhead trout in Lake Erie or in the Pacific Northwest. Contact us for tips and tricks for fly fishing for steelhead and rainbow trout.

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