RL Hot Head Flash Bunny

Part Number: FBUN

Black / Orange
Purple / Pink

Experience unparalleled fishing success with our Rubber Leg Hot Head Flash Bunny Fly, a must-have in your salmon and steelhead fly collection. Expertly designed for the dedicated angler, this fly targets the keen senses of salmon and steelhead, ensuring your fly fishing trips are more productive.

What sets this fly apart are its lifelike rubber legs, creating a natural, irresistible movement in the water that perfectly imitates small aquatic creatures. Coupled with the soft, pulsating action of the rabbit fur body, it presents an almost irresistible target to wary salmon and steelhead.

Durably constructed to withstand the rigors of fly fishing in diverse environments, the Rubber Leg Hot Head Flash Bunny Fly is ideal for both river and stream fishing. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a staple in any salmon or steelhead fly box, promising an exciting and rewarding fishing experience.

 Tie one on to the end of your RIO Steelhead/Salmon Leader and start catching.

Customer Reviews for RL Hot Head Flash Bunny

The flies I ordered arrived in a timely manner and the quality looks good. I will be fishing them in August in Alaska on Ibeck Creek near Cordova Alaska.
- George W Roth

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