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Nymphs & Wet Trout Flies for Sale Online

Barr's Beadhead Emerger BWO BHEM $1.99
Beadhead Bird
Beadhead Bird's Nest Caddis Green BIRD $2.29
Beadhead Pheasant Tail
Beadhead Pheasant Tail PTAIL $1.99
Beadhead Prince Nymph
Beadhead Prince Nymph PRIN $1.99
Bluegill Bee
Bluegill Bee BBEE $2.59
Burk's Hex Nymph HEXN $2.99
Copper Bead Z-Wing Caddis
Copper Bead Z-Wing Caddis ZWING $2.29
Copper John Barr
Copper John Barr's COPP $1.99
Crane Fly Larva
Crane Fly Larva CRANE $2.99
Czech Catnip Olive CCO $2.99
Damsel Nymph
Damsel Nymph DAMSN $2.59
Dragon Carter
Dragon Carter's CDRAG $2.99
Dragon Neally
Dragon Neally's NDRAG $3.99
Duddles Steelhead Stone
Duddles Steelhead Stone DUDD $3.99
Egan's GTI Caddis Olive EGTI $2.99
Egan's Tungsten Dart Red ETD $2.99
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph EGGST $3.99
GB Caddis Poopah
GB Caddis Poopah CAPP $1.99
Gold Bead Scud
Gold Bead Scud GBSCD $2.29
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph GBSQN $2.29

Nymphs & Wet Trout Flies for Sale Online

Pheasant tail nymph Pheasant tail nymphs are an excellent choice for fly fishing trout below the surface.

Although fly fishing for trout at the surface using dry flies can be a lot of fun because it’s more visible, you’ll catch most of your rainbow, brown, brook trout or cutthroats using subsurface flies. It’s always a challenge anticipating how the trout are feeding, which dictates what nymphs and wet flies you need to catch the most trout. 80% to 90% of the trout’s food is taken below the surface.

A Trout’s Diet Beneath the Surface

Trout will feed on all sorts of insects and crayfish dwelling along the bottom of rivers and creeks, such as nymphs, larvae, crustaceans, crawdads, leeches (use the Woolly Bugger for a good leech imitation), scuds and sowbugs.

Best Nymphs & Wet Flies for Fly Fishing Trout

Look along the edge of the river or stream for rocks. Pick one up and inspect the bottom. You should find larvae and nymphs of some of the most abundant flies in the area. Match up the larvae or nymph with the closest fly in your box. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it’s a start if you’re in an unfamiliar area.

Ask around the local area and find out if a certain fly attracts the most trout. But don’t get too married to any single wet fly or nymph. You have to be able to adjust to how trout are feeding, which means experimenting and not getting too stuck on a “favorite.”

Fly fishing split shots Split shots help your subsurface flies to stay near the bottom.

Subsurface Fly Fishing for Trout

The key to fishing nymphs and wet flies beneath the surface is gauging the weight you need to reach the bottom. A bead on the head of a fly may be enough weight to reach the bottom, but if it isn’t, you may need to add a split shot.

For fast water, when the fly doesn’t get down quickly enough, use a split shot and place it 5 or 6 inches from the fly on the tippet. Start by adding small split shot one at a time until you reach the bottom. If you keep getting snagging bottom, you’ve probably got too much weight on. We recommend using a strike indicator like the Air-Lock Indicator. These are easy to use and will help you detect a fish eating your fly.

Maintain occasional contact with the bottom with the right pattern and you will find success hooking trout.

Fly Fishing Trout Requires Experimentation and Adaptation

Contact trout fly fishing pros

Trout can be picky, and their appetites can change very quickly. You need to be flexible and willing to change your pattern as the conditions change. Many fly fishers looking to catch trout live by “match the hatch.” You need the gear and know-how to catch trout at any time of day in all seasons.

Our trout fly fishing experts at The Fly Fishers Fly Shop know just what you need to catch rainbow, brown, brook, and all other kinds of trout. Contact us today for expert opinion on the flies and fly fishing gear you’ll need for your next time out on the river.

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