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Feathers for Sale Online

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Coq de Leon UV Perdigon Fire Tail Feathers
Coq de Leon UV Perdigon Fire Tail Feathers CDLUV $13.25
Feather Mini Gamechanger Schlappen
Feather Mini Gamechanger Schlappen FGC $6.25
Bronze Mallard Natures Spirit
Hareline Bronze Mallard Pairs HBM $4.40
CDC Feathers
Hareline CDC Feathers HCDC $2.95
Hareline Gadwall Feathers
Hareline Gadwall Feathers HGFP $2.95
Hareline Golden Pheasant Complete Dyed Tippet
Hareline Golden Pheasant Complete Dyed Tippet HGPTD $10.30
Hareline Golden Pheasant Complete Head
Hareline Golden Pheasant Complete Head HGPH $11.05
Golden Pheasant Tippet Complete
Hareline Golden Pheasant Complete Natural Tippet HGPT $5.75
Golden Pheasant Crest
Hareline Golden Pheasant Crest HGPC $8.10
Hareline Golden Pheasant Tippets
Hareline Golden Pheasant Tippets HGPTP $2.35
Goose Biots
Hareline Goose Biots HGB $2.75
Grizzly Soft Hackle
Hareline Grizzly Soft Hackle SOFTGR $3.85
Guinea Hackle Natures Spirit
Hareline Guinea Hackle HGFS $6.40
Hareline Half Rooster Cape
Hareline Half Rooster Cape HHRCP $19.95
Hungarian Partridge Feathers
Hareline Hungarian Partridge Feathers HHPF $3.75
India Hen Back
Hareline India Hen Back HINB $7.85
Hareline Lady Amherst Center Tail Feathers
Hareline Lady Amherst Center Tail Feathers HLATF $23.25
Hareline Lady Amherst Complete Head Grade #1
Hareline Lady Amherst Complete Head Grade #1 HLAH1 $14.15
Hareline Lady Amherst Tippets
Hareline Lady Amherst Tippets HLAT $1.95
Mallard Flank Natures Spirit
Hareline Mallard Flank HMLF $2.75
Marabou Blood Quills
Hareline Marabou Blood Quills HMBQ $4.10
Fine Black Barred Marabou
Hareline Marabou Fine Black Barred MFBB $9.80
Grizzly Marabou Feathers Fly Tying
Hareline Marabou Natural Grizzly Mini HMG $4.60
Hareline Marabou Wooly Bugger
Hareline Marabou Wooly Bugger HMWB $4.10
Hareline Marabou X-Select
Hareline Marabou X-Select HESM $4.15
Hareline Mini Marabou
Hareline Mini Marabou HMMB $2.95
Ostrich Herl
Hareline Ostrich Herl HOH $5.50
Peacock Eyes
Hareline Peacock Eyes HPEY $3.75
Peacock Herl Strung 5"-7"
Hareline Peacock Herl Strung 5"-7" HERL $4.60
Peacock Swords
Hareline Peacock Swords HPS $2.95
Pheasant Tail Feathers
Hareline Pheasant Tail Feathers HPTF $4.75
Premium Partridge Feather
Hareline Premium Hungarian Partridge Feather HPPFS $5.95
Hareline Quill Body
Hareline Quill Body HQB $3.95
Hareline Saddle Hackle dyed over White 5" - 7"
Hareline Rooster Saddle Hackle Dyed Over White 5" - 7" HSSD $8.10
Saltwater Neck Hackle
Hareline Saltwater Neck Hackle HSNH $7.40
Hareline Schlappen 5"-7"
Hareline Schlappen 5"-7" HS57 $8.10
Hareline Silver Pheasant Body Feathers
Hareline Silver Pheasant Body Feathers HSPF $8.95
Hareline Teal Flank Feathers
Hareline Teal Flank Feathers HTFF $2.75
Hareline Turkey Biot Quills
Hareline Turkey Biot Quills HTBQ $2.75
Turkey Feathers Cinnamon Tip
Hareline Turkey Feathers Cinnamon Tip HCTT $5.10

We have a large variety of feathers for your fly tying needs. From marabou for Wooly Buggers to large prime saddle hackle for big muskie flies and saltwater flies.

Shop our inventory of fly tying materials and equipment available for sale online.