Best Tarpon Fly Fishing Reels For Sale

7 Best Bonefish Fly Fishing Reels For Sale Online

Stalking tarpon in saltwater may well be the ultimate test for a reel. Go with a fly reel that's not built to hold up to these great gamefish and when you’re miles from shore with no backup your dream trip can quickly turn into a heartbreaker. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the fly reels we’ve chosen from Hatch, Nautilus, Tibor, Abel and Sage are all built for the rigors of tarpon fishing. You can’t go wrong with any of these reels. we actually use them all ourselves just so we can honestly say how well they hold up.

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ReelLine weightsPrice
Hatch Iconic 11+ fly reel 10wt-11wt $998.00
Tibor Signature fly reel 8wt–12wt  Starting at $769.00
Nautilus CCF-X2 6/8 fly reel 8wt–12wt $605.00
Nautilus CCF-X2 Silver King fly reel 5wt–12wt $770.00
Abel SDS fly reel 8wt–12wt Starting at $995
Lamson Litespeed M fly reel 8wt-12wt $679.99-$779.99
Orvis Mirage fly reel 3wt-15wt $598.00-$898.00
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