Scientific Anglers Frequency Fly Fishing Line for Sale

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Scientific Anglers’ Frequency fly line is great fly line for those anglers looking for an economical fly line. Whether you are looking for the correct fly line for a freshwater or saltwater fly fishing experience, it’s hard to go wrong with Frequency fly line. This is a very nice casting fly line for a great price. 

Compatible climates:

  • Cold
  • Medium
  • Tropical/hot (saltwater)


Great for fishing:

Fly line for:

Scientific Anglers’ Frequency features an ergonomic, microfilament-core, synthetic design that allows for smoother casting and more control in tight situations. It is available in a large selection of different weights and sink types, making it a great for the versatile fly fishermen.

Frequency Fly Line by Scientific Anglers for Sale Online

If you are looking for an affordable, yet dependable fly line that never sacrifices in terms of quality, the experts at The Fly Fishers and Scientific Anglers have got you covered.

Frequency fly line is fantastic for fishing with saltwater flies, nymphs, dry flies, leaders, and more! Whether you’re fishing for bass, trout, or planning a long, upcoming, tropical fly fishing trip, Scientific Anglers Frequency is the number one fly fishing line for you.

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