Scientific Anglers Frequency Saltwater Fly Line

Part Number: SAFSLT

Light Blue

An affordable all-round compound saltwater taper.

Scientific Anglers Frequency Saltwater fly lines are awesome all-around saltwater fly lines at a super sweet price. TheseScientific Anglers fly lines are designed to load fly rods quickly and cut through wind. Excellent turnover when using saltwater flies like crabs, shrimp and baitfish patterns.

The 7-10wt lines feature a braided multifilament core for temperate climates and the 11-12wt lines use Scientific Anglers Tropi-Core specifically for tropical temperatures. Excellent line for fly fishing permit, bonefish, snook, tarpon and other saltwater species with a fly rod.

Scientific Anglers Frequency Saltwater Fly Line Specs
WF-7-F 40.0’ / 12.2m 90.0’ / 27.4m 200gr / 13.0g
WF-8-F 40.0’ / 12.2m 90.0’ / 27.4m  225gr / 14.6g
WF-9-F 40.0’ / 12.2m 90.0’ / 27.4m  260gr / 16.8g 
WF-10-F 35.0’ / 10.7m  90.0’ / 27.4m  305gr / 19.8g 
*Grain weight for the first 30'
Shop Scientific Anglers Frequency fly line for sale online from The Fly Fishers fly shop.

Frequency Saltwater fly line features:

  • Overweighted to assist in punching through the wind and turning over large flies
  • Floating compound taper ideal for fish both on and off the flats
  • Built for use in a wide variety of weather conditions
  • Mid-length head
  • Braided multifilament core (7-10 wt.)
  • Tropi-Core for tropical climates (11-12 wt.)


Taper Diagram

Scientific Anglers Frequency Saltwater Fly Line Taper Diagram

Shop Scientific Anglers fly line for sale online from The Fly Fishers.

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