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Nautilus Fly Reels for Sale

CCF-X2 Fly Reel open face view
Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel 10/12 NCFX11 $550.00
CCF-X2 Nautilus freshwater fly fishing reel
Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel 6/8 NCFX68 $435.00
Silver Nautilus CCF-X2 fly fishing reel
Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel 8/10 NCFX810 $535.00
Silver King Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel
Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel Silver King NCFXSK $695.00
Nautilus Classic X Limited Edition Fly Reel
Nautilus Classic X Limited Edition Fly Reel NCXLE $335.00
American-made fly rods for sale
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel 10/11 Monster NNVM1 $895.00
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel 5/6 NNV56 $560.00
Nautilus NV-G fly fishing reel for sale
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel 6/7 NNV67 $590.00
NV-G fishing reals by Nautilus
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel 7/8 NNV78 $645.00
Nautilus fly reels are the latest in innovative fishing technology.
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel 8/9 NNV89 $670.00
Nautilus NV-G silver and black fly fishing reels
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel 9/10 NNV9 $790.00
Nautilus NV-G Monster Fly Reel
Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel Monster NVGM $895.00
Nautilus fly fishing reels for sale
Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel XL NSXXL $345.00
Nautilus XL Max Fly Reel for Sale
Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel XL Max NSXXLM $395.00
Nautilus X Series XM Model Dealer
Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel XM NSXXM $285.00
Nautilus XS Fly Reel Dealers
Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel XS NSXXS $275.00

Nautilus High Performance Fly Reels

Take Your Fly Fishing Game to the Next Level

For seven generations, the team at Nautilus has provided fly fishers with cutting-edge advancements in the design and manufacturing of professional quality fly reels. Their latest release represents another leap forward. Nautilus offers a series of fly reels catered for every flavor of fly fishing style:

Boasting the Latest in Fly Reel Technology

Nautilus fly reels feature numerous technological improvements to keep your focus on the fish and off of the shortcomings of your equipment.

ActivSeal technology repels sand, water, salt to keep the braking system intact. A Nautilus fly reel will hold up to the harsh elements. A little rain won’t hurt a thing. Lightweight, self-lubricating bushings promote long life even with heavy use. Nautilus reels feature a new carbon fiber disc drag system—a generous drag knob provides an excellent gripping surface/texture for wet & cold fingers.

Superior silky smooth feel, effortless response, and surprising strength. Upgrade to a Nautilus fly reel for performance you thought was reserved only for professionals.

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