Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Fishing Reels for Sale

Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Fishing Reels for Sale Online

Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel for Sale OnlineAdvancements in technology have drastically altered the effectiveness of premium fly reels. The Nautilus CFF-X2, a modified version of the award-winning Nautilus CFF, features all of the key characteristics of the CFF with some essential upgrades. It is the world’s lightest 5-inch diameter, true big-game reel currently on the market, and features twice the smoothness as well as half the startup inertia of its predecessor.

Some of the CFF-X2’s key features include:

  • Activeseal technology
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings
  • TPX bushings

In addition, the CFF-X2 is available in four different sizes – 6/8, 8/10, 10/12, and Silver King. The oversized drag knob lets you effortlessly adjust your drag settings, giving you the most efficient fishing experience possible.

CFF-X2 Is the Lightest Fly Reel on the Market

The Nautilus CFF-X2 line of professional fly reels incorporate the latest and greatest technologies in the world of fly fishing. It’s lightweight but efficient design grants fishermen a well-rounded fly fishing reel that is easy to use and won't wear you out while casting all day.

The Nautilus CFF-X2 has undergone over 10 years of development, and has perfected the popular CFF design to help give you that competitive edge when it comes to fly fishing.

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