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Top 10 Best Permit Flies

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Kung Fu Crab Wyatt's KUNG $6.99
EP Ascension Bay Mantis Shrimp EPABM $7.99
Cathy's Fleeing Crab FLEE $5.99
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Umpqua Alphlexo Crab Fly Pattern
Alphlexo Crab Fly ALPHLEXO $7.99
Aphlexo Crab
Aphlexo Crab ACRAB $8.99
Bauer Flats Crab Fly Fishing Fly Permit
Bauer Flats Crab FCRAB $5.99
Cathy's Fleeing Crab FLEE $5.99
Craven's Flip Flop Tan FLIP $5.99
Danger Muffin Crab Fly Pattern Ghost/Tan
Danger Muffin Crab Fly DMUFF $7.99
EP Ascension Bay Mantis Lt Olive
EP Ascension Bay Mantis Shrimp EPABM $7.99
EP Palometa Crab
EP Palometa Crab EPPC $7.99
Fat Boy Crab Pat Ehlers
Fat Boy Crab Pat Ehlers' FAT $6.99
Kung Fu Crab Wyatt
Kung Fu Crab Wyatt's KUNG $6.99
Lexo Pop Up Crab Olive
Lexo's Pop Up Crab POPUP $7.99
One Armed Bandit Crab Fly
One Armed Bandit OAB $6.99
Permit Crab Del Brown
Permit Crab Del Brown's PERMC $5.99
Rag Head Crab
Rag Head Crab RAG $5.99
Strong Arm Merkin Crab Fly Tan
Strong Arm Merkin Fly BACKORDER STRNGMRK $7.99

Use these crab fly patterns to catch a whole bunch of permit.

There’s nothing tougher to catch on the flats than a permit. There’s also nothing more satisfying to catch either. While they are tough to catch these flies just could give you the best shot at catching one.

  1. Bauer Flats Crab

    Bauer Flats Crab Fly for Permit

    This is one of our favorites for fly fishing permit in Belize and Mexico.
  2. Cathy's Fleeing Crab

    Cathy's Fleeing Crab Permit Fly

    Cathy’s Fleeing Crab is a staple in every saltwater fly fisher’s arsenal. Want to catch permit? Gotta have this one. This is one of our favorites for Mexico’s Ascension Bay.
  3. Ehlers Fat Boy Crab

    Ehlers Fat Boy Crab Permit Fly

    The Fly Fishers’ own Pat Ehlers worked with Rick Murphy, host of the Sportsman’s Adventures TV show, to build a permit fly designed to fall quickly to the bottom and perfectly imitate a crab. It’s tied reverse style to get to the bottom quickly to flee from permit and tease them into biting.
  4. Craven's Flip Flop

    Craven's Flip Flop Permit Fly

    The Flip Flop is a great choice for permit & bonefish as well. Add this one to your fly box before your next saltwater fly fishing trip.
  5. EP Ascension Bay Mantis Shrimp

    EP Ascension Bay Fly for Permit

    “Ascension Bay” is in the name for a reason…If you’re heading to Ascension Bay in Mexico for some permit fly fishing, this is a must-have. We like using these for permit found laid up or rolling in deep water on the flats.
  6. EP Palometa Crab

    EP Palometa Permit Fly

    Palometa is Spanish for “permit,” so this fly has one purpose: to attract permit! This works very well in Caribbean waters of Mexico and Belize.
  7. Kung Fu Crab

    Kung Fu Crab Fly for Permit

    The Kung Fu Crab is excellent for permit and bonefish as well. The swimming action imitates a crayfish and is irresistible to permit and even some freshwater fish.
  8. Lexo Pop Up Crab

    Lexo Pop Up Crab Fly for Permit

    Lexo’s Pop Up Crab from Umpqua is tied on a 45 degree jib hook, putting this fly fishing pattern into a “fighting stance,” replicating how crabs react when a fish sizes them up as a snack. This takes crab imitation to another level…
  9. Del Brown Permit Crab

    Del Brown Permit Crab Fly Best for Permit

    This might be the most successful permit fly in our fly box. It’s a staple and a must-have for your collection. Don’t got fly fishing for permit without it!
  10. Rag Head Crab

    Rag Head Crab Fly for Permit

    The Rag Head Crab is a smaller size permit fly that works great at destinations like Ascension Bay and Turneffe Island. This one also doubles as an effective bonefish fly.
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