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Pat Ehlers' Signature Bass Fly Assortment
The Fly Fishers' Pike and Musky Fly Assortment
SAVE $28.85
REG. $168.84
Pat Ehlers' Signature Bass Fly Assortment From Rainy's
Best Flies For Smallmouth Bass Assortment
Umpqua Ultimate Trout Selection Fly Kit
Umpqua Alaska Fly Selection Kit (Deluxe) SALE
SAVE $19.49
REG. $64.99
Umpqua Bonefish Fly Selection Kit (Deluxe)
Umpqua Belize/Yucatan Fly Selection Kit (Deluxe)
Umpqua Great Lakes Fly Selection Kit (Deluxe)
Rainy's Wooly Bugger Fly Assortment
Rainy's Signature Carp Fly Assortment SALE
SAVE $15.00
REG. $49.95
Rainy's Favorite Terrestrials Fly Assortment
Rainy's Whitlock's Signature Trout Fly Assortment
Rainy's Signature Surface Panfish Fly Assortment SALE
SAVE $19.95
REG. $65.95
Rainy's Signature Subsurface Panfish Fly Assortment (18 Piec…
SAVE $15.00
REG. $49.95
RIO Fly Assortment Euro Nymph
RIO Dry Fly Assortment Caddis Tan
RIO Dry Fly Assortment PMD
RIO Basic Trout Fly Assortment
Umpqua Alaska Fly Selection Kit (Guide)
Umpqua Southern Rockies Fly Selection (Guide)
RIO Alaska Trout Assortment
RIO Alaska Salmon Fly Assortment
Umpqua Tungsten Bead Trout Selection Fly Kit (Deluxe)
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Freshwater & Saltwater Fly Fishing Assortments

These fly selections and assortments for sale make choosing fly fishing flies for specific species or locations easy.  Available in both freshwater and saltwater fly options, shop our online selection of fly fishing fly kits to make your fishing experience easier and more fun. These proven patterns allow making the decision on buying fishing flies online easier and faster! This is a great option as a gift too.

Shop all fly fishing flies for sale online from The Fly Fishers fly shop.

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