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RIO VersiLeaders

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RIO Freshwater Versileader 10
RIO Freshwater Versileader 10' RFVL $15.99
RIO Trout Versileader 12
RIO Trout VersiLeader 12' RVTL12 $15.99
RIO VersiLeader Trout 7
RIO Trout VersiLeader 7' RVTL $13.99

RIO VersiLeaders are a great way to add some extra weight to your fly line to fish below the surface. Fly fishing for trout with streamers is a snap with the Rio VersiLeader. The VersiLeader loops on to your fly line and has a tippet attached to the other end allowing an easy way to rig your gear. The Freshwater VersiLeaders work very well fly fishing for bass and other larger gamefish.  The Freshwater VersiLeaders also work well fly fishing for steelhead and salmon. Rio's Spey VersiLeaders are designed for Spey fly anglers and are an easy way to to add a wide range of depth options for fly anglers fishing with Spey fly lines and Scandinavian Head fly lines.

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