RIO Heavy VersiLeader 10'

Part Number: VERSIH

1.5 Inches Per Second
4 Inches Per Second
6 Inches Per Second

The RIO Heavy VersiLeaders are designed to connect to floating fly lines to create a sink tip or to connect with a sinking fly line for depth control.  RIO Heavy VersiLeaders have a super tough 25lb core and are 10 feet long.  They also feature a clean welded loop at the rear for easy attachment to your fly line.  These VersiLeaders work great in both freshwater fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing.

On two handed rods the RIO Heavy VersiLeaders are the ultimate versatile leader system for quickly adjusting sink rate on the end of traditional spey lines and Scandi shooting heads sizes #8 and up.

  • Color-coded loops for easy identification
  • A complete range of sink rates
  • Slim, neat welded loop in the butt for quick rigging


  • Bass
  • Steelhead
  • Salmon
  • Spey Lines
  • Light Skagit Lines

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