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Top 10 Best Flies For Largemouth Bass

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Foam Slice Frog
Foam Slice Frog FSF $6.99
Freaky Frog Largemouth Bass Fly
Freaky Frog FRKFG $7.99
Psychoactive Frog Popper White Belly
J's Psychoactive Frog Popper PSYCHF $6.99
Mojo Minnow
Mojo Minnow MOJO $5.99
Foamtail Superworm Pat Ehlers Bass Fly
Pat Ehlers' Foamtail Superworm SWORM $5.99
Grim Reaper Pat Ehlers Bass Fly
Pat Ehlers' Grim Reaper GRIM $5.99
RIO Princess Slaya Bluegill
Princess Slaya Fly SLAYA $5.99
Rattlin Frog Bass Fly
Rattlin' Frog RATT $7.99
Drop Dead Fred Chart White
Satkowski's Drop Dead Fred DFRED $5.99
Umpqua Swimming Frog Bass Fly
Umpqua Swimming Frog SWIM $8.99
Whitlock's Waking Sunfish WWSUN $5.99

The Best 10 Flies for Fly Fishing Largemouth Bass

Best Flies for Largemouth BassWhile all of our flies in our bass flies category will help you catch more bass some of them are tied with either smallmouth bass or largemouth bass in mind, and might be a bit more effective for those species.

Here are our 10 best flies for largemouth bass (in both surface and subsurface versions):

Check out all of our bass flies for largemouth and smallmouth bass.