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Pat Ehlers' Foamtail Superworm

Foamtail Superworm Pat Ehlers Bass Fly
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After experimenting with rabbit strip flies to imitate a plastic worm, Pat Ehlers of The Fly Fishers came up with this bass fly. The Foam Tail Super Worm is a Rainy’s Flies Signature Series fly that is tied on a Gamakatsu plastic worm hook - this fly rides with the hook pointing straight up. By adding a piece of foam to the rabbit strip this fly rides tail up as a floating plastic or shaky worm does. Rubber legs and flash help catch the fish's attention. When fly fishing bass you can fish this fly on the bottom plastic worm style or swim it like a bass streamer fly. It has worked well fly fishing bass on California’s Delta.

The Ehlers' Foamtail Superworm is just one of several flies featured in our Signature bass fly assortment. Get 9 of the best bass flies in the world at a discounted rate.

Yes we are a bit partial to this one and it's very effective as a largemouth bass fly which gets it into our 10 Best Flies For Largemouth Bass.

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