Our Best Muskie Flies for Sale

8 Best Fly Fishing Flies For Musky

We’re all about muskies. We live in the region with the best muskie fly fishing in the world and we love chasing them. Below are our best bets for muskie food.

  • Ballok's Big BoyBallok's Big Boy Best Musky FlyHere’s a magnum fly for the big predators. Approaching nearly a foot long, its large deer spun head moves water with nice flash for attracting hungry musky and pike.
  • Ballok's Musky MoneyBallok's Musky Money FlyThe Musky Money creates swimming movement with its combo of bucktail, articulation and flash. Its brown/tan/white color imitates all sorts of forage species big muskies feed on.
  • Jared's OutlawJared's Outlaw Best Fly for MuskyJared’s Outlaw was built by The Fly Fishers’ own Jared Ehlers – designed meticulously to create an easy casting fly with a large and effective profile. A careful selection or magnum flashabou and synthetic materials make it work. Hook trophy pike and musky or even peacock bass from Wisconsin all the way to Alaska.
  • Northwoods NinjaNorthwoods Ninja Fly Best for MuskiesThe Northwoods Ninja from Dave Ballok is a 10 inch long fly that creates a ton of turbulence in the water to get the attention of big musky & pike. The fire tiger color is a standard for big predators.
  • Merlin's BeardMerlin's Beard Fly for MuskiesThis one pushes a ton of water. Natural bucktail and hackle materials provide excellent swimming movement. We love to fish the Merlin’s Beard on sinking or sink-tip fly lines.
  • Devil's TicklerDevil's Tickler Fly for MuskiesThe Devil’s Tickler features a single sharp 5/0 heavy fly hook to hold up to trophy pike and muskies. This is a must-have for your fly box.
  • Muskie KillerMuskie Killer Fly for MuskiesIts effectiveness is right in the name. This one’s a killer. The articulated Musky Killer fly is one of our favorites – with a single #5/0 head and great action.
  • Muskie MayhemMusky Mayhem FlyThe Muskie Mayhem pushes water is relatively easy to cast and has a #5/0 hook. Available in some great colors, this fly will get eaten by the Esox family.
Need some advice? Contact the fly shop and we’ll give you some tips on what musky flies to stock in your fly box before your next trip.

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