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Fishpond Flint Hills Vest FFHV $89.95
Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack FGRTP $149.95
Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest FSMV $129.95
Simms Guide Vest
Simms Guide Vest SIM-GVST $179.95
Simms Waypoints Convertible Vest
Simms Waypoints Convertible Vest WAYCONVST $179.95
Umpqua Tongass Backpack
Umpqua Tongass Backpack TONGB $229.99
Umpqua Tongass Dry Bag
Umpqua Tongass Dry Bag TONGDB $24.99
Umpqua Tongass Gear Bag
Umpqua Tongass Gear Bag TONGGB $169.99
Umpqua Tongass Waist Pack
Umpqua Tongass Waist Pack TONGW $169.99
Umpqua Ambisling Granite
Umpqua Zero Sweep Ambi-Sling Pack $139.99
Umpqua Bandolier Granite
Umpqua Zero Sweep Bandolier Sling Pack $69.99
Umpqua Zero Sweep Ledges 500 Waist Pack $109.99
Umpqua Zero Sweep Ledges 650 Waist Pack UZSL6 $129.99
Umpqua Zero Sweep Rock Creek Chest Pack $69.99
Steamboat 1200 Copper
Umpqua Zero Sweep Steamboat 1200 Sling Pack $119.99
Umpqua Zero Sweep Surveyor 2000 Fly Fishing Backpack $179.99
Umpqua Swiftwater Copper
Umpqua Zero Sweep Swiftwater Tech Fly Fishing Vest UZSSV $169.99
Tailgater 1
Umpqua Zero Sweep Tailgater Organizer $79.99

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If you are a traveling fly fisher you need to have fly fishing luggage and fly fishing gear bags to properly store and protect your fly fishing gear. If your fly fishing trips keep you close to home you still need to organize and protect your fly fishing gear. The Fly Fishers Shop carries some of the the best in fly fishing luggage and fly fishing gear bags as well as the best in on-the-water fly fishing packs for giving you more enjoyment from your fly fishing trips.

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