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Nature's Spirit Fly Tying Materials for Sale Online

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Natures Spirit Cashmere Goat NSCG $3.95
Natures Spirit Comparadun Hair
Natures Spirit Comparadun Hair BACKORDERED NSCD $5.50
Dry Fly Tailing Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Dry Fly Tailing NSDFT $2.50
Elk Nature
Natures Spirit Elk Bull NSBE $3.50
Natures Spirit Elk Cow
Natures Spirit Elk Cow NSCE $3.50
Elk Fly Tying Hair Nature Spirit
Natures Spirit Elk Yearling NSYE $6.95
Grizzly Collaring Hackle Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Grizzly Collaring Hackle NSCH $3.75
Mallard Sides Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Mallard Sides NSMS $2.50
Pintail Flanks Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Pintail Flanks NSPF $2.95
Spey Hackle Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Spey Hackle NSSH $4.15
Polish Quills CDC Feathers
Polish Quills CDC Feathers PQCDC $6.50
Polish Quills Stripped Peacock Quills
Polish Quills Stripped Peacock Quills PQSPQ $5.95

Animal Hair Fly Tying Materials for Creating Custom Fly Fishing Flies

Nature’s Spirit is known for their premier animal hair fly tying materials for crafting and designing hair wings for freshwater flies. They feature some of the most affordably priced products in the fly tying market, making them a top value for anglers on a budget. The Fly Fishers is a proud distributor of Nature’s Spirit fly tying materials on the web for fly fishermen nationwide.

Nature's Spirit MaterialUses/Features
Mallard Sides Collars and wings for steelhead and salmon flies
Elk Yearling Smaller flies requiring hair wings
Cashmere goat bass, pike, and saltwater flies
Elk Cow Extended body drakes, hoppers, stoneflies

Anglers everywhere have discovered that tying their own flies not only gives them a better sense of satisfaction when they pull in large fish, but it is also a great hobby to have in the offseason. There’s no better way to spend the winter months than tying your own tackle and discussing your passion with other fly fishermen. Nature’s Spirit and The Fly Fishers can help you produce some of the best custom flies available.

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