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Foam & Rubber Materials for Sale Online

Bug Bodies (Spiders)
Bug Bodies (Spiders) WBB $2.25
Bumble Bee Foam Poppers BBFP $5.95
Cam Sigler Popper Heads
Cam Sigler Popper Heads CSP $9.95
Chicone Crusher Legs CCL $3.29
Flymen Howitzer Popper Bodies FHPB $5.95
Foam Beetle Body FBB $2.65
Foam Diver Heads
Foam Diver Heads CFDH $5.95
Foam Gurgler Body FGB $2.65
Bass Pops
Foam Popper Heads CBP $4.25
Hareline Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs
Hareline Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs HBSCL $2.95
Hareline Buggy Nymph Legs HBNL $2.95
Crazy Legs
Hareline Crazy Legs HCL $2.75
Hareline Crazy Legs Barred HCLB $3.50
Crazy Legs Hot Tipped
Hareline Crazy Legs Hot Tipped HCLT $2.95
Hareline Daddy Long Legs
Hareline Daddy Long Legs HDD $3.95
Fly Enhancer Legs
Hareline Fly Enhancer Legs HFEL $3.95
2mm Foam Sheets
Hareline Foam 2mm Sheets H2MM $1.50
Hareline Foam 6mm Sheets H6MM $2.95
Parachute Posts
Hareline Foam Cylinder HPPD $2.95
Hareline Foam Evazote 1/8"
Hareline Foam Evazote 1/8" HEVF $2.95

Foam and rubber fly tying materials that will allow you to tie flies with more action and flies that will float like a cork. Check out the foam diver heads and Bass Pops that work well when tying bass flies. Ant bodies are great for fly tying terrestrial flies for trout and panfish. Rubber Legs, Sili-Legs and Barred & Speckled Legs will work on everything from smallmouth bass flies to bonefish flies.

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