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Saltwater Leaders

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RIO Leader Wallet
RIO Leader Wallet WALT $24.99
Umpqua Deceiver HD Bonefish/Permit Fluorocarbon Leader
Umpqua Deceiver HD Bonefish/Permit Fluorocarbon Leader NEW UDBPFL $12.99

Saltwater Fly Leaders For Sale

When your fly fishing saltwater leader performance is very important. Quick fly casts that are accurate and usually with wind involved demands the best. We have the leaders you need. Bonefish fly fishing leaders, tarpon fly fishing leaders and snook and permit fly fishing leaders are rjust a click away. Fly fishing leaders designed for saltwater fly fishing applications that include fly fishing tarpon, redfish, snook, bonefish, permit and anything else that swims in the salt are yours for the choosing.

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