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Peacock Bass & Golden Dorado Flies

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Banger Popper Fly Fishing Flies for Musky Pike Bass
Banger Popper Fly BPF $6.99
Ehlers Bottle Rocket Fly Copper
Bottle Rocket BRPE $5.99
Bullethead Baitfish
Bullethead Baitfish BHBF $7.99
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers Pike Musky Fly
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers' BUZZ $7.99
CF Baitfish Fly for Northern Pike & Muskie
CF Baitfish Fly CFBAIT $5.99
CF Whistler Fly
CF Whistler CFWHIS $4.99
Chilly Goat Fishing Fly
Chilly Goat CGOAT $5.99
EP Dorado Fly Baby Dorado
EP Dorado - Baby Dorado #4/0 EPBBYD $7.99
EP Dorado Baby Peacock Fly
EP Dorado - Baby Peacock #4/0 EPBBYP $7.99
Flashtail Whistler FFTW $6.99
flat stanley baitfish fly
Flat Stanley FSBF $7.99
hamilton bush pig streamer fly
Hamilton's Bush Pig HBPF $6.99
heavy hitter streamer fly
Heavy Hitter HHRF $4.99
High N Tight Muskie Fly
High N Tight Muskie Fly HNTMF $11.99
Jungle Junkie Peacock Bass Fly
Jungle Junkie NEW JUJU $9.99
Jungle Love Fly For Sale
Jungle Love JLUFM $9.99
Masons Baby Swallow Fishing Fly
Mason's Baby Swallow Fishing Fly MBSF $8.99
Mason Meat Market
Mason's Meat Market MMMF $6.99
Peacock Agitator FPA $9.99
RIO Princess Slaya Bluegill
Princess Slaya Fly SLAYA $5.99
Reducer Andersons Bass Musky Pike Fly
Reducer Anderson's REDU $9.99
Satkowski Devil Tail Orange Black
Satowski's Devil's Tail SDT $7.99
Space Invader Fly Blood Bait
Space Invader INVADR $9.99
TK's Doctor Davis Deceiver TKDDD $8.99

Buy these fly fishing flies for chasing large and aggressive predators like peacock bass and golden dorado.

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