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Solarez Fly Tie 5 Gram Tube
Solarez Fly Tie 5 Gram Tube $4.50

Die-hard traditionalists may frown on the use of glues and adhesives for fly tying, but when you consider most traditionally made fly hackles and body wraps only last for a few fish there’s a good case to be made for bucking tradition. Today's specialty glues and adhesives can make even traditional wraps capable of withstanding even the most spirited fish, and will remain intact for many casts. 

Here at The Fly Fishers, we offer an assortment of glues and adhesives to help you make better looking, longer lasting flies, including: head cements for securing the final wraps on the head of a fly; flexible adhesives for attaching feathers and reinforcing the heads and eyes; epoxies for building bodies and strengthening heads; and hot melt glue for making egg or egg cluster patterns.

Stick with The Fly Fishers for the best fly tying equipment and accessories.

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