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Zap A Gap Brush On

Zap A Gap Brush On 1/4oz. Blister Pack
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5.0(3 reviews)
Product Number: HZBO
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Zap-A-Gap with a brush! Spread it over large areas with ease or work it into nooks and crannies. When finishing off a fly, try brushing some on your thread and simply wrap a few more wraps on the head and you won’t need to tie a knot to finish off the fly. A must for your fly tying materials. if you are looking to glues eyes to deer hair or wool we recommend using the Zap A Gap Gel formula.



Good stuff
Randy Paine
Great product
Really good material for widening the base on the hook for tying a wider base for poppers so I use mono and then I use this glue to hold it down Works fantastic

Reply From The Fly Fishers:

Great tip. Thanks Gerry.
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