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All-Purpose Saltwater Flies for Sale Online

Banger Popper Fly Fishing Flies for Musky Pike Bass
Banger Popper Fly BPF $6.99
BFT Orange Pineapple Musky Pike Fly
BFT'S Orange Pineapple ORGPIN $6.99
Big Eye Baitfish Roger Musky Pike Fly
Big Eye Baitfish Roger's BEBAIT $8.99
CF Baitfish Fly for Northern Pike & Muskie
CF Baitfish Fly CFBAIT $5.99
CF Whistler Fly
CF Whistler CFWHIS $4.99
Clouser Minnow Trout Bass Fly
Clouser Minnow FLY-CLSM $2.99
Creasefly FCF $6.99
Cruiser Thalken Pike Muskie Fly
Cruiser Thalken's CRUIS $12.99
Dabloon - #2/0 DBLN $3.99
EP Big Eyes Red Tail Grey/White 6/0
EP Big Eyes Fly - Red Tail Grey/White #6/0 BIGEYEGW60 $8.99
EP Floating Minnow Fly
EP Floating Minnow EPFLOAT $6.99
EP GT Baitfish Grey 8/0 Pike, Musky & Bass Fly
EP GT Fly - Baitfish Grey #8/0 EPGTBG80 $9.99
EP GT Bleeding Black 8/0 Bass, Musky & Pike Fly
EP GT Fly - Bleeding Black #8/0 EPGTBB80 $9.99
EP Flies GT Mackerel Musky Pike Bass Fly For Sale
EP GT Fly - Mackerel #8/0 EPGTMACK $9.99
EP Mackerel Saltwater Fly For Sale Online
EP Mackerel - #3/0 EPMACK30 $7.50
EP Mangrove Everglades SP Fly
EP Mangrove Everglades SP EPMANEVG $7.50
EP Peanut Butter Black/Purple 3/0 Pike Musky Fly
EP Peanut Butter Fly - Black/Purple #3/0 EPPBBP30 $7.50
EP Peanut Butter Black/Red 3/0 Fly for Bass, Musky & Pike
EP Peanut Butter Fly - Black/Red #3/0 EPPBBR30 $7.50
EP Pike/Offshore Black/Orange 4/0 Fly for Pike Musky & Bass
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Black/Orange #4/0 EPPOBO40 $7.99
EP Pike/Offshore Chart/Polar Bear 4/0 Pike Musky Fly
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Chartreuse/Polar White #4/0 EPPOCW40 $7.99
EP Pike/Offshore Yellow Perch 4/0 Pike Muskie Bass Fly
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Yellow Perch #4/0 EPPOYP40 $7.99
EP Sardina 3/0 Saltwater Fly for Muskie & Pike
EP Sardina Fly - #3/0 EPSARD30 $7.99
EZ Mack
EZ Mack - #2/0 EZMACK $3.99
Flashtail Deep Minnow Fly for Pike Muskie Bass
Flashtail Deep Minnow FDEEP $6.99
Flashtail Whistler FFTW $5.99
G/S Roosta Saltwater Fly for Bass, Pike & Muskie
G/S Roosta ROOS $7.99
Burks Hot Flash Minnow Fly Anchovy
Hot Flash Minnow HOTFLASH2 $5.99
Hot Flash Minnow Streamer Fly
Hot Flash Minnow - Burk's HOTFLASH $4.99
Hud's Bushwacker BUSHW $5.99
Jersey Turnpike Glass
Jersey Turnpike JERSEY $4.99
Leftys Big Fish Deceiver Musky Pike Fly
Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver BFISH $5.99
Major Bunker Kintz Musky Pike Fly
Major Bunker Kintz' BUNK $12.99
Major Herring Musky & Pike Fly
Major Herring MAJHE $12.99
Major Mullet
Major Mullet MAJMU $12.99
MIA Anchovy Grey Saltwater Fly
MIA Anchovy MIACHVY $6.99
Midnight Mullet Conner Bass Fly
Midnight Mullet Conner's MIDMUL $5.99
Murdich Minnow MURDM $5.99
Murdich Slider Fly Grey
Murdich Slider MRDSLD $5.99
Murdichs Wiggler Streamer Fly
Murdich's Wiggler WIGGL $4.99
Skok Mushmouth Mini Chartreuse Pearl Fly
Mushmouth Mini Skok's MUSHMINI $5.99

Whether you fly fish for redfish, snook, tarpon or even jacks we have the saltwater fly patterns that will help you catch more fish when fly fishing saltwater.