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All-Purpose Saltwater Flies

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Midnight Mullet Conner's MIDMUL $5.99
Sea Habit Bucktail FSHB $6.99
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Banger Popper Fly Fishing Flies for Musky Pike Bass
Banger Popper Fly BPF $6.99
Arculeo BC Baitfish Fire Tiger
BC Baitfish ABCB $6.99
BC Mega Minnow
BC Mega Minnow BCMM $8.99
Big Eye Baitfish Roger Musky Pike Fly
Big Eye Baitfish Roger's BEBAIT $9.99
Bisharat Spot On Baitfish Olive White
Bisharat's Spot On Baitfish NEW BSOB $5.99
Ehlers Bottle Rocket Fly Copper
Bottle Rocket BRPE $5.99
CF Baitfish Fly for Northern Pike & Muskie
CF Baitfish Fly CFBAIT $5.99
CF Whistler Fly
CF Whistler CFWHIS $4.99
Chilly Goat Fishing Fly
Chilly Goat CGOAT $5.99
Flymen Finesse Changer Brown Trout Fly
Chocklett's Finesse Changer CFCF $8.99
Flymen Chocklett Micro Changer Fly Group
Chocklett's Micro Changer Fly MICROCHANGER $7.95
Flymen Chocklett Mini Finesse Changer Flies
Chocklett's Mini Changer Fly NEW COLOR MINICHANGER $7.99
Polar Changer Fly
Chocklett's Polar Changer CPCF $16.99
Clouser Minnow Trout Bass Fly
Clouser Minnow Fly FLY-CLSM $3.99
Creasefly FCF $6.99
EP Big Eyes Red Tail Grey/White 6/0
EP Big Eyes Fly - Red Tail Grey/White #6/0 BIGEYEGW60 $8.99
EP Finger Mullet
EP Finger Mullet EPFM $7.99
EP Finger Mullet Blacktail
EP Finger Mullet Blacktail EPFMB $7.99
EP Floating Minnow Fly
EP Floating Minnow EPFLOAT $7.99
EP GT Baitfish Grey 8/0 Pike, Musky & Bass Fly
EP GT Fly - Baitfish Grey #5/0 EPGTBG50 $10.99
EP GT Bleeding Black 5/0 Bass, Musky & Pike Fly
EP GT Fly - Bleeding Black #5/0 EPGTBB50 $10.99
EP Flies GT Mackerel Musky Pike Bass Fly For Sale
EP GT Fly - Mackerel #5/0 EPGTMACK $10.99
EP Louisiana Reds Speckled Gold Redfish Fly
EP Louisiana Red's Redfish Fly LOUSIANA $8.99
EP Mackerel Saltwater Fly For Sale Online
EP Mackerel - #3/0 EPMACK30 $7.99
EP Mangrove Everglades SP Fly
EP Mangrove Everglades SP EPMANEVG $7.99
EP Needle Fish Fly Pattern
EP Needle Fish Fly EPNEEDLE $9.99
EP Peanut Butter Black/Purple 3/0 Pike Musky Fly
EP Peanut Butter Fly - Black/Purple EPPBBP30 $7.99
EP Peanut Butter Black/Red 3/0 Fly for Bass, Musky & Pike
EP Peanut Butter Fly - Black/Red EPPBBR30 $7.99
EP Pike/Offshore Black/Orange 4/0 Fly for Pike Musky & Bass
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Black/Orange #4/0 EPPOBO40 $8.99
EP Pike/Offshore Yellow Perch 4/0 Pike Muskie Bass Fly
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Yellow Perch #4/0 EPPOYP40 $8.99
EP Sardina 3/0 Saltwater Fly for Muskie & Pike
EP Sardina Fly - #3/0 EPSARD30 $7.99
RIO Flashdance Fly Brown Trout
Flashdance Fly FDNCE $4.99
Flashtail Deep Minnow Fly for Pike Muskie Bass
Flashtail Deep Minnow FDEEP $7.99
Flashtail Whistler FFTW $6.99
G/S Roosta Saltwater Fly for Bass, Pike & Muskie
G/S Roosta ROOS $7.99
hamilton bush pig streamer fly
Hamilton's Bush Pig HBPF $6.99
Jersey Turnpike Glass
Jersey Turnpike JERSEY $4.99
Predator Popper Fire Tiger
J's Predator Popper PREDP $5.99
RIO Just Keep Swimming Fry
Just Keep Swimming Fly KEEPS $3.99
RIO Ka-Cuda Fly Fishing Fly For Barracudas
Ka-Cuda Fly KACUDA $9.99

All-Purpose Saltwater Flies

While many anglers pursue the glamor fish of the flats, saltwater fly fishing has many other facets that can be just as exciting. Jacks, barracuda, tuna, snappers and many other species are very exciting to catch on fly rods.

Flies for Saltwater Fishing

Most all-purpose saltwater fly patterns are some type of baitfish imitation from smaller size #2 and #4 steamers for redfish to large #5/0 size for big Pacific GTs and we have them in stock. Tell us where you're going and what you're fishing for and we'll get you taken care of. 

Rods and Reels for Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater rods demand the most performance in fly rods. High-performance rods are needed in order to deal with quick casts that may be long and with the ever-present wind. The rods need to be powerful enough to handle large and strong fish too. We sell the best fly rod brands on the planet so you can have confidence in our products.

It is often said in freshwater fly fishing circles that the reel is just a place to store line. That's not the case with saltwater fishing. Reels need to handle the problems of being exposed to saltwater itself and its corrosive effects. Bar stock aluminum and anodized finishes are in order. Strong drags are also a must. Even small bonefish are capable of ripping off 50-yard or more runs and stronger fish like permit and tarpon are even more demanding. A reel's backing capacity is also an important factor. Flats fishing typically requires 100 to 200 or more yards depending on your quarry.

Saltwater Fishing Techniques

Casting is the most important part of fishing the flats. You need to cast accurately, quietly at longer distances and usually while dealing with the wind. Seeing the fish before casting to it is about as important as your casting. This is a stalking game. First-timers, you need to pay some dues, and experienced saltwater folks you know what I'm talking about. Unless you live near inshore fisheries and have spent time on the water we suggest either hiring a guide or booking at a saltwater destination lodge. We have hosted trips we run and work very closely with Frontiers Travel, the premier fishing travel agency, to many of these destinations. We will be happy to assist you in doing this. Call Pat at the shop and he can personally help you get going.

Whether you fly fish for redfish, snook, tarpon or even jacks we have the saltwater fly patterns that will help you catch more fish when fly fishing saltwater.

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