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Murdich Minnow

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5.0(2 reviews)
Product Number: MURDM
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The Murdich Minnow is one of our absolute favorite baitfish patterns.  Casts easily, has a very typical forage profile for many places, and swims extremely well.  Born originally as a saltwater fly fishing pattern, we utilize them here in the Midwest for fly fishing smallmouth bass, pike, and fly fishing Great Lakes trout and salmon.  The Murdich Minnow is one of those "must haves" fly fishing patterns in a fly box.

Shop our entire line of bass flies and saltwater flies including Murdich's Minnow online at the Fly Fishers Fly Shop.

We have included the Murdich Minnow in our 10 Best Flies For Smallmouth Bass.


I've had pretty good success with getting hits on the Murdich minnow. It seems most of the time when I'm looking for Smallies and not using a leader I get bitten off so that is why I've been adding a bit of wire leader in front of these. This minnow casts well and has nice action in the water.
Chuck Swyers
Perfect fly, i caught 2 bass the day after receiving on a short outing.
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