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Bonefish & Permit Saltwater Flies

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Aphlexo Crab
Aphlexo Crab ACRAB $8.99
Avalon Permit Crab Fly Fishing Fly Saltwater
Avalon Permit Crab AVALON $4.99
Bauer Flats Crab Fly Fishing Fly Permit
Bauer Flats Crab FCRAB $5.99
BC RL Bunny Gotcha
BC RL Bunny Gotcha RLBCBC $2.99
Bonefish Bitters
Bonefish Bitters BBT $3.99
Bonefish Clouser
Bonefish Clouser BFCLO $2.99
Clouser Foxxee Red Minnow
Bonefish Deep Minnow FXEE $3.99
Bonefish Mai Tai
Bonefish Mai Tai MAI $4.99
Bonefish Scampi fly
Bonefish Scampi Beadchain BSCB $2.99
Bonefish Scampi Beadchain
Bonefish Scampi Beadchain Barred SCAMP $2.99
Bonefish scampi fly
Bonefish Scampi Lead Eye BSLE $2.99
Bonefish Shrimp Fly For Sale Online
Bonefish Shrimp BONSH $2.99
Borski Bonefish Slider BBS $4.99
Bunny Gotcha
Bunny Gotcha BNGOT $2.99
Cathy's Fleeing Crab FLEE $5.99
Chili Pepper CPR $2.99
Christmas island special
Christmas Island Special CIS $2.99
Christmas Mantis Bonefish Fly
Christmas Mantis RCMF $4.99
Craven's Bonefish Junk Light JUNK $4.99
Craven's Flip Flop Tan FLIP $5.99
Crazy Charlie CCF $2.99
DA Tingum Shrimp Fly
DA Tingum Shrimp TINGSHP $3.99
Grand Slam Bonefish Fly
Ehlers' Grand Slam Shrimp GSSHMP $4.99
EP Ascension Bay Mantis Lt Olive
EP Ascension Bay Mantis Shrimp EPABM $7.99
EP Floating Crab Fly
EP Floating Crab EPCRAB $7.99
EP Palometa Crab
EP Palometa Crab EPPC $7.99
EP Spawning Shrimp Fly
EP Spawning Shrimp BC EPSPWN $6.99
Fat Boy Crab Pat Ehlers
Fat Boy Crab Pat Ehlers' FAT $6.99
Gotcha Bonefish Fly
Gotcha GOT $2.99
Gotcha Clouser
Gotcha Clouser GTCL $2.99
Gotcha Weedless Fly
Gotcha Weedless GOTWD $2.99
Grab Crab Permit Fly
Grab Crab GCRAB $5.99
Gummy Minnow GUMM $4.99
Kung Fu Crab Wyatt
Kung Fu Crab Wyatt's KUNG $6.99
Kwan Bead Chain Fly
Kwan Bead Chain KBC $3.99
Masons Ceviche Shrimp
Mason's Ceviche Shrimp MCSF $2.99
McKnight's ER Crab ERCRAB $4.99
Mini-Puff MPF $2.99
Morrish's Puff Pastry PUFF $3.99
Morrish's West Side WEST $3.99

Bonefish & Permit Flies

Bonefish are the perfect fish to gain experience on the flats when playing this challenging game. If you can hit a garbage can cover at 40 or 50 feet, you can catch bonefish. If you can hit that cover at 80 or 90 feet you'll catch more but you don't need to be an expert caster to catch bones. Put a cast in the right spot and there's a pretty good chance it will eat your fly. 

Permit on the other hand could be the most frustrating fish on the flats. Pat Ehlers, owner of The Fly Fishers, often says, "the best thing that can happen is you catch a permit and the worst thing that can happen is that you catch a permit". It's a fever, a disease that will keep you chasing these awesome critters wherever they swim. Catch one and you may never find a cure. You will still want to bring your "A" game for permit. Practice your casting, be super stealthy and still be prepared to get frustrated. In short, permit rock!

Flies for Bonefish & Permit Fishing

Like trout fishing, we are often matching the hatch on saltwater flats. Shrimp and crab flies make up the bulk of flat flies for bonefish and permit and we stock plenty of patterns and sizes. Flat flies are typically chosen on 2 premises:

  • Size and sink rate
  • Color

You want to pick a pattern that isn't too heavy to spook a fish in shallow water when cast but not so light that it takes too long to sink to the bottom before the fish swims up to it. Color selection is easy. Light bottom equals light-colored flies, dark bottom like turtle grass equals a darker fly usually olive to match the grass.

The most popular permit flies tend to be crab patterns. However, we have been fishing a number of mantis shrimp patterns as well with success. Contact us and we will be happy to fill you in on what we are using and how we are fishing them. 

Rods for Bonefish & Permit Fishing

The most popular rod size for bonefish is a 9-foot 8 weight fly rod. If smaller fish are found at your destination you want to bring along a 7 or even a 6 weight to get you a stealthier presentation. 9 weights are fine too, especially in places like the Bahamas where you may have a good shot at a double-digit bone.

For serious permit fishing, we prefer 9 and 10 weight 9-foot fly rods. Permit are usually bigger and stronger than bonefish and we may be casting heavier crab patterns for them. 

Like other saltwater fly fishing, high-performance fly rods are needed for bonefish and permit. It's all about the casting to have success. Reels also need to have high-quality materials, high-quality drags and be constructed of materials that fight saltwater's corrosive effects.

Bonefish & Permit Fishing Techniques

The key to catching bonefish and permit is getting the fly to the fish so they see it before they move on. If you aren't getting either a positive or negative reaction to your fly, the fish didn't see it. Keep in mind that a negative reaction is OK because it is feedback that you had the fly where it needed to be and you probably needed to change it. 

Once hooked, your main focus is letting the fish run and keeping your excess fly line on the deck or in the water if you are wading from tangling until you have the fish where you can fight them on the reel.

Listen to your guide to help you use the correct retrieves for the fly you are using and the fish you are fishing.


Here's a list of our top 10 favorite bonefish flies and our best 10 permit flies in stock. Don't leave for your next saltwater fly fishing trip without them!

Try out a handful of some of the best saltwater flies you'll find anywhere.
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