Pat Ehlers' Long Strip Bonefish Fly

Part Number: LONGB


Pat Ehlers’ Long Strip Bonefish Fly from Rainy’s Flies was designed after numerous bonefish fly fishing trips to Andros Island in the Bahamas. Designed to imitate the shrimp that bonefish feed on, Pat found huge success with this bonefish fly pattern. Local anglers at The Fly Fishers have been using the tan ones fly fishing smallmouth bass on the Milwaukee River and they have been fly fishing steelhead on the Milwaukee River with the pink ones. There is also a Long Strip Crayfish variation of this fly pattern that comes in olive and orange colors for fly fishing smallmouth bass and trout.

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This is one of the best bonefish flies in our inventory. Add it to your fly box before your next saltwater fly fishing trip.

Customer Reviews for Pat Ehlers' Long Strip Bonefish Fly

nice bug. good size but not too heavy. will see how it does on Andros

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