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Jared Catches These with the Best Northern Pike Flies

While we cover all aspects of fly fishing, I guess you could say we specialize in warmwater flies at The Fly Fishers, so pike and muskie flies are right up our alley. These are some of the biggest and most challenging freshwater fish to catch, especially with a fly rod. They strike hard, jump and roll, which makes it all the more fun.

Pike and muskie stalk their favorite prey--perch, walleye, minnows, frogs and even small ducklings. Once you know where they are, and what prey fish are in the area, you just need flies that mimic the look and movements of their prey. Deep water or shallow, The Fly Fishers has every type of pike and muskie fly you’ll need.

Here's a list of the 9 best musky flies we've got in stock for catching big trophies.
Here's the best pike flies we've got in our inventory.

Wisconsin has some of the greatest muskie fly fishing water on the planet, and we fish a lot of it. We also have a ton of experience fly fishing the trophy northern pike water of Alaska. In fact, Jared here at the shop guided for trophy pike in Alaska every summer, so we are proud of our pike and musky fly fishing knowledge.

Please contact us for tips and tricks for hunting pike and muskies in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the US.

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