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Pike & Muskie Flies

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Balloks Big Boy Fly Fishing Fly Pike Musky
Ballok's Big Boy BIGBOY $19.99
Balloks Musky Money Fly Fishing Fly for Musky
Ballok's Musky Money MONEY $19.99
Balloks Northwoods Ninja Fly Fishing Fly Pike Muskie
Ballok's Northwoods Ninja NINJA $19.99
Banger Popper Fly Fishing Flies for Musky Pike Bass
Banger Popper Fly BPF $6.99
BFT Orange Pineapple Musky Pike Fly
BFT'S Orange Pineapple ORGPIN $6.99
Big Eye Baitfish Roger Musky Pike Fly
Big Eye Baitfish Roger's BEBAIT $8.99
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers Pike Musky Fly
Buzz-Ard Pat Ehlers' BUZZ $7.99
CF Baitfish Fly for Northern Pike & Muskie
CF Baitfish Fly CFBAIT $5.99
CF Whistler Fly
CF Whistler CFWHIS $4.99
Chockletts Game Changer Pike Musky Fly
Chocklett's Game Changer GMCHN $12.99
Cruiser Thalken Pike Muskie Fly
Cruiser Thalken's CRUIS $12.99
Devils Tickler Muskie Fly
Devil's Tickler Muskie Fly MDTM $13.99
Dirty Little Secret Musky Pike Fly
Dirty Little Secret DTLS $7.99
EP Big Eyes Red Tail Grey/White 6/0
EP Big Eyes Fly - Red Tail Grey/White #6/0 BIGEYEGW60 $8.99
EP GT Baitfish Grey 8/0 Pike, Musky & Bass Fly
EP GT Fly - Baitfish Grey #8/0 EPGTBG80 $9.99
EP GT Bleeding Black 8/0 Bass, Musky & Pike Fly
EP GT Fly - Bleeding Black #8/0 EPGTBB80 $9.99
EP Flies GT Mackerel Musky Pike Bass Fly For Sale
EP GT Fly - Mackerel #8/0 EPGTMACK $9.99
EP Mackerel Saltwater Fly For Sale Online
EP Mackerel - #3/0 EPMACK30 $7.50
EP Peanut Butter Black/Purple 3/0 Pike Musky Fly
EP Peanut Butter Fly - Black/Purple #3/0 EPPBBP30 $7.50
EP Peanut Butter Black/Red 3/0 Fly for Bass, Musky & Pike
EP Peanut Butter Fly - Black/Red #3/0 EPPBBR30 $7.50
EP Pike/Offshore Black/Orange 4/0 Fly for Pike Musky & Bass
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Black/Orange #4/0 EPPOBO40 $7.99
EP Pike/Offshore Chart/Polar Bear 4/0 Pike Musky Fly
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Chartreuse/Polar White #4/0 EPPOCW40 $7.99
EP Pike/Offshore Yellow Perch 4/0 Pike Muskie Bass Fly
EP Pike/Offshore Fly - Yellow Perch #4/0 EPPOYP40 $7.99
EP Sardina 3/0 Saltwater Fly for Muskie & Pike
EP Sardina Fly - #3/0 EPSARD30 $7.99
Femme Fatale Fly for Bass Muskie Trout
Femme Fatale FEMM $5.99
Flashtail Deep Minnow Fly for Pike Muskie Bass
Flashtail Deep Minnow FDEEP $6.99
Flashtail Whistler FFTW $5.99
G/S Roosta Saltwater Fly for Bass, Pike & Muskie
G/S Roosta ROOS $7.99
Gator Done Pat Ehlers Muskie & Pike Fly
Gator Done Pat Ehlers' GDONE $6.99
Gen-X Bunny Pike Fly
Gen-X Bunny GENX $8.99
Jareds Outlaw Fly for Pike & Musky
Jared's Outlaw JLAW $10.99
Js Kicker Frog Bass Musky Pike Fly
J's Kicker Frog JKICK $7.99
Jumbo Deer Hair Diver Bass Pike Musky Fly
Jumbo Deer Hair Diver JUMBO $6.99
Leftys Big Fish Deceiver Musky Pike Fly
Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver BFISH $5.99
Major Bunker Kintz Musky Pike Fly
Major Bunker Kintz' BUNK $12.99
Major Herring Musky & Pike Fly
Major Herring MAJHE $12.99
Major Mullet
Major Mullet MAJMU $12.99
Meat Whistle Barr Bass Fly
Meat Whistle Barr's MEAT $4.99
Merlins Beard Musky Fly Carp
Merlin's Beard Articulated Musky Fly MERLIN $18.99
MIA Anchovy Grey Saltwater Fly
MIA Anchovy MIACHVY $6.99

Pike & Muskie Flies for Sale from The Fly Fishers

Jared Catches These with the Best Northern Pike FliesWe specialize in warmwater flies at The Fly Fishers, so pike flies and muskie flies are right up our alley. Wisconsin has some of the greatest muskie fly fishing water on the planet and we fish a lot of it. We also fly fish the trophy northern pike water of Alaska every year.

Here's a list of the 9 best musky flies we've got in stock for nabbing big trophies.

In fact, Jared here at the shop guides for trophy pike in Alaska every summer, so we are proud of our pike and musky fly fishing knowledge. Please contact us for tips and tricks for hunting pike and muskies in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the US.

Here's the best pike flies we've got in our inventory. These are our favorites...
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