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OPST’s commando heads have taken decades to perfect, and The Fly Fishers is proud to provide anglers with OPST’s top selection of fly-lines and other fishing tackle supplies. OPST lines are specifically targeted for fly fishermen seeking to better hone their skills at single-handed casting. Their products allow fishermen with this particular casting style a more intense level of control.

OPST Fly Line for Spey Rods

Spey rod users love OPST products (particularly commando heads) because they can help you refine your two-handed casting technique, but can be easily used by beginners as well! The Fly Fishers carries OPST fly lines and commando heads in a wide range of different weights and styles. This gives anglers the flexibility to custom-choose their OPST tackle supplies according to what they will be fishing for.

OPST Fly Fishing Products Include:

  • Commando Heads
  • OPST Pure Skagit Running Line
  • Commando Tips

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Simply put, The Fly Fishers has the best fishing gear that money can buy. We are a full-service online fly fishing shop, and are a licensed distributor of fly fishing supplies by some of the top companies.

If you’re looking for fly fishing line that is the perfect trifecta of affordable, dependable, and versatile, become one of the many other anglers worldwide and switch to OPST fly line.

Shop all freshwater and saltwater fly lines available for sale from The Fly Fishers fly shop.

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