OPST Commando Heads

Part Number: OPCH


OPST Commando Heads will do great on Spey rods but are designed for the shorter Switch rods. OPST Pure Skagit Lines will up the most experienced casters game while making beginners effective casters. However these OPST fly lines really shine when fished on single hand fly rods. They have taken the Skagit game down to micro sized rods allowing anglers to effectively Skagit cast and swing flies for everything from stream trout to smallmouth bass. These lines work on rods as short as 6' and as light as 3 weights. You can haul if you like or back cast but you don't have to. Roll cast, Skagit cast whatever. It all works with these lines.

Grain Weight   Switch Rod   Spey Rod   Single Hand
   150gr             3wt             2/3wt         3wt
   200gr             3/4wt          3wt            3/4wt
   225gr             4wt             4wt            4/5wt
   250gr             4/5wt          4/5wt         5wt
   275gr             6wt             5/6wt         7wt
   300gr             6/7wt          5/6wt         8wt
   325gr             7wt             6wt            8wt
   350gr             7/8wt          6/7wt         9wt
   375gr             8wt             7wt            9wt
   400gr             8/9wt          7/8wt         10wt
   425gr             8/9wt          8wt            10wt
   450gr             9/10wt        8/9wt         11wt
   475gr             9/10wt        8/9wt         12wt

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