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Sage Manufacturing Company has mastered the science of building fly fishing rods. Their high-performance, American-made fly rods are designed to be the best casting rods in the world. No matter what you are trying to catch, Sage has an exceptional fly rod for you for the right price. They are beautifully crafted and deliver spectacular performance. 

Sage started from humble beginnings as a small company with only 6 employees working in a 1500-square-foot building. Their mission was simple: to build elegant fly rods well-suited to a gentleman's sport. Using only superior materials and years of design experience, Sage strove to provide fly fishers with the best equipment on the planet. Today, they have over 150 staff members and continue to grow. Guided by their passion for the sport, Sage builds rods and reels intended to exceed angler’s expectations of high-performance and quality.

Sage Fly Rod Models

Sage R8 Fly Rod Freshwater, Saltwater 3wt-8wt Fast $1085
Sage SONIC Fly Rod Freshwater 3wt-8wt Fast $650
Sage SALT HD Fly Rod Saltwater 6wt-16wt Fast $995
Sage MAVERICK Fly Rod Saltwater, freshwater 6wt-14wt Fast $650
Sage SENSE EURO Fly Rod Freshwater 3wt-4wt Fast $650
Sage TROUT LL Fly Rod Freshwater 3wt - 6wt Fast $925
Sage IGNITER Fly Rod Freshwater, Saltwater 4wt-10wt Ultra-Fast $995
Sage PAYLOAD Fly Rod Saltwater, Freshwater 6wt - 11wt Fast $450
Sage DART Fly Rod Freshwater 0wt-4wt Fast $825
Sage FOUNDATION Fly Rod Saltwater, Freshwater 4wt-8wt Fast $425

Strong, Professional Fly Rods for a Low Cost

Sage is a worldwide leader in the fly fishing industry and continues to exceed fly fishing enthusiasts’ expectations. These rods are constructed from superior materials and built for durability. Sage designs their rods to never run out of “power.” Offering a wide range of rods and reels, Sage has a fly rod suitable to every fishing scenario and every angler. Whether fishing saltwater or freshwater, bass or trout, Sage rods will provide you with excellent fishing experiences for many years.

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The Fly Fishers Fly Shop is proud to offer an extensive line of products from Sage. We endeavor to provide our customers with only the best fly fishing equipment available. Sage mirrors our philosophy by providing their customers with incredible quality fly fishing rods and reels. Our stock includes freshwater and saltwater models in a variety of lengths and line weights. A superior quality Sage rod is the ideal upgrade for any fly fisher looking to take their sport to the next level. Upgrade to a Sage fly fishing rod and feel the difference it makes! Please contact the experienced fly fishing professionals at The Fly Fishers to help you determine what Sage fly rod is right for you.

Browse our entire selection of fly fishing rods for sale from The Fly Fishers, your trusted online source for fly fishing equipment and accessories.

Sage Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty

For further warranty information, please visit Sage's official site.

Skip H

Broke a rod and needed a replacement in a hurry. I also wanted to add that these guys were the only one of many stores that I had called that had the Sage X that I was after. If you have any hesitation in ordering from this store put that to bed and don't hesitate. 100% top-notch and good people. Made it very easy to order and helped me out big time. Will be using this vendor many times over.

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