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Shop Fishient & Just Add H20 Fly Fishing Tying Materials For Sale Online

Fishient/Just Add H2O fly tying materials include a number of synthetic products especially geared towards fly tiers looking for great saltwater fly tying materials, bass fly tying materials and pike and muskie fly tying materials. From long-fibered synthetic materials like the Brush 'n Wing to the flashy Super UV flash material - the sky's the limit with these materials.

Colorful Fibers and Synthetic Fly Tying Materials for Sale Online

With the wide variety of synthetic fibers and fly tying materials now available online, fly fishermen everywhere can now custom create flies that are tied to their specific fishing style. Not only will this help your catch fish, but tying your own ties is a great hobby to pick up in the winter months, or during long periods when you can’t get out on the water.

Just Add H20/Fishient MaterialUsesGreat for fishing
Angel Silk Tying streamer wings All Freshwater and Saltwater
Foam Gurgler Body Tying Gurgler Bass Bugs Bass
Sculpting Fiber Tying large baitfish patterns Saltwater Fish
Grizzly Fiber Baitfish Fly Wings Saltwater Fish

Fishient & Just Add H20 fly tying materials help you imitate the food that your quarry eats, and the wide selection of colors and streamers allow you to create intricate baitfish flies that better attract saltwater and freshwater fish of all types.

Fly fishers everywhere take great pride in the success of their favorite flies. Check out our Just Add H20 and other fly tying materials, and join other avid anglers in this great pastime.

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