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Fishient & Just Add H20 Fly Tying Materials for Sale Online

Fishient Angel Silk
Angel Silk ASILK $4.79
Fishient Brush N Wing Fiber
Brush N Wing Fiber HBNW $5.25
Fishient Deadly Dazzle
Deadly Dazzle HDLD $5.95
Fishient Fluoro Fibre
Fluoro Fiber HFFI $3.95
Foam Beetle Body FBB $2.65
Foam Gurgler Body FGB $2.65
Fishient Frizz Fibre
Frizz Fiber HFRZ $4.95
Grizzly Fiber
Grizzly Fiber HGF $6.25
Fishient Mirror Image
Mirror Image HMI $6.25
Polar Fiber RPF $2.95
Sculpting Fiber RSF $5.95
Sculpting Flash Fiber RSFF $6.75
Fishient Slinky Fibre
Slinky Fiber HZSF $4.50
Fishient Farrar
Steve Farrar's Flash Blend HFFB $6.25

Fishient/just Add H2O fly tying materials include a number of synthetic products that are especially geared towards fly tiers looking for great saltwater fly tying materials, bass fly tying materials and pike and muskie fly tying materials. From long-fibered synthetic materials like the Brush 'n Wing to the flashy Super UV flash material. the sky's the limit with these materials.