Natural Shade Tapered Brush

Part Number: NSTB


The Natural Shade Tapered Brush just made fly tying a whole lot more simple. Made from Steve Farrar's Flash Blend Fibers, and tapered from 2-1/2" at the front, down to 1/2" at the end, the brush material doesn't just give your fly a natural fade of colors but a natural looking shape and profile. Just grab a hook, a set of eyes, a few articulated shanks and one of the Natural Shade Tapered Burshes and thats all you need to tie some great and effective streamers for saltwater and freshwater. 

Two 11" long brushes included per pack.


Color Key:

Bay Anchovy - White, Off White

Fire Tiger - Hot Orange, Electric Yellow, Shaded Chartreuse

Glass Ghost - UV White

Golden Mullet - Brown, Mullet Brown, Shrimp

Golden Redfish - Bronze Back, Brown, Redfish

Herring - Silver Scale Purple, Anchovy, White

Mackerel - Mackerel, Grey, White

Mullet Grey - Silver Scale Grey, Off White, White

Peacock Bass - Fire Tiger, Camel, Redfish

Purple Mackerel - Black, Dark Purple, Light Purple

Red Devil - Bleeding Red, Bleeding Black

Shad Green - Chartreuse, Grey, White

Silver Black - Black, Grey, Off White

Yellow Perch - Olive, Wild Olive, Yellow


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