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Fly Tying Materials

12 Compartment Drilled Dubbing Box
12 Compartment Drilled Dubbing Box HBX $4.95
Ahrex Nordic Salt Classic Streamer Fly Tying Hook NS118 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Curved Shrimp Fly Tying Hook NS150 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Light Stinger Fly Tying Hook NS122 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Streamer Deep Fly Tying Hook NS115 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Streamer Fly Tying Hook NS110 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Traditional Shrimp Fly Tying Hook NS156 $6.99
Ahrex Nordic Salt Trailer Fly Tying Hook NS182 $6.99
Ahrex Predator Light Fly Tying Hook PR350 $6.99
Ahrex Predator Stinger Fly Tying Hook PR320 $6.99
Ahrex Texas Predator Fly Tying Hook PR380 $6.99
Fishient Angel Silk
Angel Silk ASILK $4.79
Arctic Fox Tail
Arctic Fox Tail AFOXTL $5.95
Bead Chain Fly Tying Eyes
Bead Chain Fly Tying Eyes HBC $2.25
Bethke's Pink Squirrel - Fly Tying Material Package FMP-FP5 $15.15
Big Fly Fiber
Big Fly Fiber HBFF $4.95
Big Fly Fiber - Color Blends
Big Fly Fiber - Color Blends HBFC $6.50
Fishient Brush N Wing Fiber
Brush N Wing Fiber HBNW $5.25
Bucktails HBUCK $5.95
Bug Bodies (Spiders)
Bug Bodies (Spiders) WBB $2.25
Bumble Bee Foam Poppers BBFP $5.95
Cam Sigler Popper Heads
Cam Sigler Popper Heads CSP $9.95
CCT Body Fur Magnum
CCT Body Fur Magnum CCBFM $6.95
CCT Grizzly Hair CGH $5.95
CCT Wing Fibers
CCT Wing Fibers CCWF $2.95
Chartpak Permanent Markers
Chartpak Permanent Markers HCM $6.50
Chicone Crusher Legs CCL $3.29
Chocklett's Body Wrap HCBW $6.95
Chocklett's Filler Flash CFF $4.95
Chocklett's Gamechanger Chenille CGC $4.50
Chrome Sili Legs CSL1 $2.95
Clear Cure Goo Accessory Tips
Clear Cure Goo Accessory Tips CGAT $10.95
Cohen's Carp Dub HCCD $2.70
Cohen's Fly Suede HCFS $5.95
Copic Airbrush Aircan Refill
Copic Airbrush Aircan Refill CAAR $10.95
Copic Airbrush Aircan Refill Large
Copic Airbrush Aircan Refill Large CAARL $15.95
Copic Airbrush Starter Set
Copic Airbrush Starter Set CASS $29.95
Copic Airbrush Starter Set with Large Aircan
Copic Airbrush Starter Set with Large Aircan CASSL $89.95
Copic Markers
Copic Markers CM1 $6.50

Shop the Best Fly Tying Materials and Supplies

Fly Tying Materials Kit for Sale

Shop fly tying kits, assortments and basic materials and supplies from The Fly Fishers fly shop.

The Fly Fishers carries a vast selection of fly tying materials from companies like Hareline Dubbin, Wapsi Fly, Enrico Puglisi, Nature's Spirit, and Loon Outdoors:

  • Fly tying kits & assortments
  • Fly tying dubbing
  • Fly tying flash materials
  • Fly tying furs & hairs
  • Fly tying hooks
  • Synthetics
  • Fly tying thread and tinsels
  • Glues & adhesives
  • ...and many more supplies

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No matter whether you are tying trout flies, bass fliesmuskie flies or saltwater flies, we have the fly tying materials, hooks and gear you need. Beginners and experienced fly fishers alike find the materials they need to succeed at our fly shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stop in and look around if you're in the area - or check out our full online inventory.

Supplying Hooks from the World's Best Fly Tying Gear Manufacturers

We also carry a wide variety of fly tying hooks from DaiichiTiemco and Gamakatsu. Animate dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers perfectly in freshwater and saltwater using only the best equipment. Arm yourself with the equipment to get results in all conditions. Be prepared, adapt to your surroundings and become a better fisherman.

Shop our full stock of fly fishing supplies for sale online from The Fly Fishers.