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Galvan fly reels result from over 25 years of dedicated design and innovation. More than that, they are part of an ongoing tradition of a family-run business, American-made products, and time-honored craftsmanship built into every reel they make. The industry has changed a lot in our time, but what hasn't changed makes us who we are.

Galvan's founder, Bonifacio Galvan, believed that superior quality and value should go hand in hand. He made the first Galvan reels to last a lifetime. Two decades and many reels later, that vision remains unchanged. Today, all Galvan fly reels are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA – to last a lifetime – and the Galvan family does it all.


Galvan Tension System

In 2013, Galvan Fly Reels introduced the ultra-lightweight Brookie reel, and with it, our proprietary version of the traditional click and pawl drag – the revolutionary new Galvan Tension System. The adjustable spool tension is made possible by Galvan’s new tension plunger, which is backed by a silicone spring and adjustable set screw in place of the more common spring tension system found in traditional click and pawl reels. This set-and-forget element of the Galvan Tension System allows the angler to add a personal touch of customization to a click-drag reel.

With eight pieces in the frame and 13 in the spool, including screws and springs, Galvan brings a new meaning to the words “elegant simplicity.” The spool tension comes preset to prevent spool overrun but is slightly adjustable with an included Allen wrench to fine-tune the tension to your personal liking. The tension plunger is constructed of Ertalyte TX®, the same proven material Galvan uses in our Torque drag system.



L.A.D. stands for Large Arbor Design. The first fly reels were manufactured with small arbor spools; therefore, some old-school fly fishermen have an affinity for them. Galvan makes up for that small arbor mentality with a traditional look and feel.

For Galvan, the retrieval rate of the large arbor reel is crucial to removing slack line between the angler and a running fish. For that reason, all Galvan reels incorporate a true large arbor design. 



As Boni Galvan began to incorporate new technology into his reels, transitioning from a clutch, in the earlier versions of Galvan reels, to a pawl in current models vastly improved drag engagement. This transition also made switching from left to right hand retrieve more efficient than ever and is Galvan’s take on the reversible retrieve system.

Galvans reels use fewer, much stronger parts to simplify the process and enable changing the direction of line retrieve without using any tools. It’s as easy as inverting the pawl, which is held in place by a stainless steel retention ring.



All Galvan reels and spools are Type T2 anodized and incorporate minimal material points of contact, making them corrosion-resistant and saltwater safe. As a result, the aluminum oxide layer provides Galvan reels with supreme wear and corrosion protection. Additionally, by limiting the metal materials in contact with each other makes it more difficult to wear away this anodizing, limiting electrolysis and corrosion.

In addition to the Type 2 anodizing process and minimal contact points, the thermoplastics we use in the drag disc and spool bushing continue to protect from weather and wear. The anodization is flawless, and the reels come in several vibrant colors at no extra cost.


EZ Grab

Like every part of Galvan reels, the handle design is essential. Through years of research and development, Galvan knows that handles with a concave or outward taper perform the best. All five of Galvan's contoured Delrin® handles are large and easy to grab and crank on. One does not need to look down to locate them; the hand is intuitively drawn to them.


Galvan microTune drag adjustment enables quick, precise adjustments to your drag when playing a hot fish. A large and easy-to-grip drag knob can prove essential in trying to manage drag resistance during a fight. Galvan's large drag knobs are regarded as the top of their class, not just for their size and comfort but also for providing the most precise, super-fine drag adjustment on the market.

The microTune adjustment system has a single ball bearing which hits small divots machined into the reel’s frame, holding the desired drag setting securely in position. The pleasantly noticeable divots allow the finest incremental tuning when setting your drag and reduce the likelihood of accidental adjustment while fighting a fish.

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