Galvan Torque Reel

Part Number: TORQUE2

Burnt Orange
T-3 2/3WT
T-4 4/5WT
T-5 5/6WT
T-6 6/7WT
T-7 7WT
T-8 8WT
T-9 9WT
T-10 10WT
T-12 12WT

NOTE: We do stock Galvan reels but inventory is fluid - feel free to call to confirm stock.  Any out of stock reels are approximately 1 week from Galvan.

As the premier reel in the Galvan range, the Torque Series reels represent the culmination of a lifetime of fly-fishing and passion for reel design. Simply stated, it represents the very best of modern fly reel architecture. The Torque reel series was created because Boni wanted to create a revolutionary reel with a more substantial drag system than was presently available on the market. And it had to be sexy. Thus the Torque series reels were born.

At first glance, the hand is drawn to the reel, and from the first crank of the contoured counterbalanced spool, the reel’s quality is apparent. It is a combination of efficiency and simplicity driven by function. In this case, less is more, and the cost is no exception, as Torque reels retail at half the price of reels in their class.

Torque Series reels are saltwater safe and will perform flawlessly under the harshest conditions. From remote alpine lakes to saltwater flats, the highly ventilated spool and frame balance nicely with the lightest of today’s fly rods yet still complement a modern big-game saltwater fly rod. The Torque is tough as nails and skillfully marries the technology of the future with the tradition of the past.

Torque Reel Features:

  • 6061 T-6 Aluminum
  • EZ Grab Grip
  • Large Arbor Design
  • Maximum Porting
  • microTune
  • PBR
  • Torque Drag System
  • TruBalance
  • T2
  • ЯRetrive  
Model & Diameter Spool Width Weight(oz.) Line Weights Line Capacity Yard Backing Backing
T- 3 (3.0) .85″ 4.2 2-3 WF-2-F / WF-3-F 75 yd / 50 yd 20 lb
T- 4 (3.25) .85″ 4.5 4-5 WF-4-F / WF-5-F 100 yd / 75 yd 20 lb
T- 5 (3.5) .90″ 4.8 5-6 WF-5-F / WF-6-F 125 yd / 100 yd 20 lb
T-6 (3.75) .95″ 5.2 6-7 WF-6-F / WF-7-F 150 yd / 125 yd 20 lb
T-7 (3.875) 1.1″ 6.3 7 WF-7-F 150 yd 20 lb
T- 8 (4.0) 1.25″ 7.6 8 WF-8-F 200 yd 20 lb
T-9 (4.125) 1.25″ 7.9 9 WF-9-F 225 yd 20 lb
T-10 (4.25) 1.35″ 8.2 10 WF-10-F 250 yd 30 lb
T-12 (4.5) 1.35″ 8.6 12 WF-12-F 300 yd 30 lb

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